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  • vlady84 vlady84 Oct 26, 2004 11:50 AM Flag

    Flash - Terror Alert In France Raised

    11:00 A.M. ET BBC Terrorist Alert Level in France raised from " Run to Hide ". The only two higher levels in France are " Surrender and Collaborate ". The raise was precipitated by the recent fire in France which destroyed one of Frances' many white flag factories, disabling their military.

    Candidate Kerry was in shock and had to be sedated. Theresa Heinz Kerry also was dazed by this recent development. She says she will attempt to build a new white flag factory asap to help France recover.

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    • QWAK,bojozown, Speaking of EVOLUTION you never know when somthing totaly unexpected comes out of the blue and changes every thing!

      It could just be a GIENT KAZOO! HE HE HE


      the DUCK

    • QWAK,bojozown, LOL Not expecting to be shaking hands with JC nore have I printed up any "END is NEAR signs";) BUT there is a SPECTOR of great change that one can just feel in the air.

      Yea I too expect economicly the S**T will hit the fan after the election and that it will be just the begining of a whole series fo extreamly negitive events.

      It is NOT about the bible or a second coming but rather an AWAIKENING with in each to somthing that has always been but has been lieing dorment so long that it has passed from human memory colectively.

      I have no name for it but it is a sence of KNOWING and comunicating at a level and in ways that I expect will be common but today is extreamly rare. A 6th sence if you like but an ability that for what ever reason has been dorment or turned off but can and will be switched ON either by actual physical events or intentionaly developed by exercising a very weak ability that exists in every one but we have avoided trusting so we ignore it compleatly.

      Our government and others have searched out indiviguals and have developed secret agencies that use some of this ability for clandestine purposes, they call it REMOTE VIEWING but there is much more to it that has yet to be taped in to.

      It is REAL and just about any one can develop the ability to some extent but some people have demonstrated incredable abiliies and governments and pivate companies imploy them to get stratigic avantage and pay big bucks because it DOES WORK!

      The implication if and when it becomes common would have profound effects and change much of how we think and deal with other people and the physical world we live in.

      The US NAVY has been expeimenting with it for a long time for comunicating with submreans and the Russins also had a similar pogram.

      I am inclind to believe that somthing along thoes lines will be our salvation rather than a second coming or any particular religious group BUT in viruely all religions this ability has been a part of the mistique or sacred knolage.

      In any event both short term and long term, CHANGE is in the wind big time but most are oblivious or just prefer not to know perhaps because at some level they sence it is time to PAY and they know they can't PAY!

      the DUCK

    • Then it must be the coming of the Lord and the end of the world is near, by your evolutionary perspective.

      All that we know that is fact, and not a religious belief, points to destruction alright, but that's just what history tells us.

      Whatever you take from the bible, is up to each individual to figure out. But, I wouldn't stand on the street corner with a sign in my hand predicting the end of the world yet, and the coming of Christ!

      I'll go with my history lesson, and all the signs of economic disaster that are in the works. If you haven't studied the Kondratief Wave, you might want to take a little peek. That's a pretty good indicator of what's in store, according to historical standards.

      They have even initiated a Bush rally in a sick stock market. That's one more illusion that' going to surprise the sheeple just as soon as the king is crowned.

      Not that it matters which one, but the economic props are the big money machines that want King George in there again.

      The trouble starts just as soon as the lawyers start filing their upcoming and planned lawsuits that ask for the Supreme Court to pick the president, and you KNOW how that will turn out. So much for the game of nasty politics and the fleecing of the sheeple as usual, and right on queue.

      Have a very niZe day!

    • QWAK,bojozown, Your point is well taken AGEN but agen is too SIMPLISTIC and fails to take in to account EVOLUTION and the WILL to change.

      Just going by the odds much like TA you are most likely right BUT in history we reach CRITICAL points ware things break out of the mold and ZIG when we expect them to ZAG.

      They go up or down or side ways and because of the many complex factors involved the herd runs off a cliff or somthing else totaly out side what is expected or predicted.

      Often it is a rare cosmec event that is totaly out side normal peramitrs and thow extreamly rare out of the blue it materilises and virtualy every thing changes like reaching critical mass and BOOM what WAS aint no more.

      Biologicly in the evolution of life from single cell life forms all the way up to humans there are points ware EVOLUTION takes place. The aproximit number has concistently been 6 BILLION, no one knows why but at that apoximit number big changes just seem to occure.

      Human population recently reached and passd 6 BILLION and not unlike a TA chart one can expect a signifigent change from the long established NORM.

      Could be we will blow our selves to HELL, a very real posability OR we could step UP to a higher level of awairness and insight and indivigualy and colectively chose to CHANGE!

      I believe we will discover that with in EACH is "ALL" or that SPARK of CREATION all religions call GOD and it will be a CATALUS that changes virtualy every thing because we will see form a new perspective and a whole new set of circumstances that were always there will become obvious to ALL.

      Previous thinking will be nullified and like childrens games are no longer interesting and fun when we become adults so it will be with WAR and other child like thinking including FEAR and GREED.

      Is it likely, probably not but is it POSABLE ---YES it is and IF humanity IS to EVOLVE to a higher level it is ABSOLUTLY nessary because the alternitive is TOTAL DISTUCTION and the elimination of the human species.

      Short term I too am pesomisic just like you,the odds say NO but LONG term I am OPTIMISTIC that we have achieved the level ware it is with in our reach and it is our free will and CHOICE that will make the diference, a NEW WORLD in PEACE of our own creation or total destruction and another failed experiment of nature.

      I guess we will have to wait an see but I do not believe the book is already writen and we are just reading it, we are WRIGHTING it and this time in the history of MAN we are at a point in transition to a highr level.

      the DUCK

    • Those folks you seem to think are only having problems with US, have been having those same problems with jews and every other religion and country that isn't muslim for thousands of years. Haven't you read the papers yet? This isn't just US. It's EVERBODY. Why do you think they've been setting off bombs in countries that have nothing to do with us?

      It's all about RELIGION.

      Everybody has been brainwashed to think it's just about OIL.

      Take one thing at a time, and you'll find that it all intertwines into one big ball of HATE.

      Like New Hampshire's motto: Live Free, Or Die.

    • Uglyduck... it is true that is the muslim belief and that is exactly their goal. It's all over the internet taken from their websites. And yes, they are terrorists, or terrorist sympathisers. That's what is taught in their holy book, and that's what they believe.

    • I think THAT just about covers MY last statement also!

      Our only choice is kill or be killed.

      Now how many infidels want to hear THAT!?


      Watch out for Muhammed and his friends!

      Maybe delmo can put in a good word for us. He's close to them... but I'm afraid he's too willing to wear a rag on his head.

    • Duck:

      Just because I see things different than you doesn't mean you have a right to demean my posts by somehow portraying me as a young kid.

      Like I've said in previous posts " when someone can't argue their points very well they belittle/critisize the poster ". It's a tactic used by most Liberals so as not to deal with the issues raised.

      Welcome to that club.

      I won't stoop to your level of name calling but I will continue to post " BLUSTER ' and ' HOT AIR '. It may not be to your liking but never-the-less it will serve it's purpose.

      I could pull a delsaucy and kick you in the nuts real hard from the things I know about you, but like I said I won't stoop that low.

      I'll continue to discuss issues as I see them from my perspective and the time of my choosing. I won't be bullied by your criticisim or anyone else's.

      So let it be written .... So let it be done!

    • QWAK,vlady84, IF that is TRUE you learned NOTHING from the expeience as you sound like a 20 year old KID poping off full of BLUSTER and HOT AIR not a grown man in your 50s!

      Sorry I'm NOT buying it,your words are the words of a much younger person with less life experience.

      Perhaps you heard stories from your dad or uncle and IF you believed they did you a dissevice.
      I think you just watched too much TV and believed it was REAL.

      the DUCK

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