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  • vlady84 vlady84 Oct 27, 2004 9:03 PM Flag

    Flash - Terror Alert In France Raised


    Not to worry Duck, I'll inlist in the Army and defend you from the Radical Muslims. I don't want you wearing no towel on your head dude, and god forbid they try and take away your gold hoard. You just stay nice and warm on that mountain top protecting your belongings while little ole me goes back to war, like I did in 68 & 69.

    Them Radical Muslim Lunitics ain't messin with my Duck, no sireee buffalo bob. Funny you should mention " monkey farts " because when I left Mohamad ( last post ) I thought I smelled camel shit on him; or maybe he just farted???? who knows but it sure smelt bad!

    Oh, and I did forget to mention I did tell the P O L I C E regarding the discussion I had with Mohamad. But they just said their hands were tied. He told me the ACLU would take him to court if he so much as talked to Mohamad ( profiling ) and that he could lose his job and there goes his pension.

    Never the less Duck I really respect your TOLERENCE statement .... To bad they ain't very TOLERENT of our way of life.