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  • vlady84 vlady84 Oct 27, 2004 9:29 PM Flag

    Flash - Terror Alert In France Raised


    Just like the Radical Muslims KILLED innocent women and children in the WORLD TRADE CENTER; apparently timing the attack for this purpose, I on the other hand will obidiently hunt down only the Radical Muslims. And if they use women and children as a shield then I am prepared to die as no innocent lives should be sacrificed.

    Even though there were women and children on the four planes on 9/11/01 and who perished at the hands of the Radical Muslim Lunatics, I on the other hand will take the high ground and make sure each person killed in deserving.

    As for ' monkey farts ', I will not pass any flatulents in the Radical Muslim Lunatics direction as I would not want to offend them.