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  • uglyduck555 uglyduck555 Jan 8, 2006 12:31 PM Flag

    QWAK,Empty NEST!

    QWAK,from the time I started posting with my I/O this place was SPECIAL to me. When some one FLAMED ME bad and the other posters adopted DUCK NAMES to post under in suport of me, I knew I had found a sort of CIBER HOME a "NEST" if you will, ware I could feel secure in just being a DUCK.

    Now that just about ALL are gone or very rarely post because LIFE does move on, I have a better understanding of the term "Empty NEST syndrome" LOL I guess I better understand how my Mom felt in that house ware we had grown up and so much LIFE had gone on and how it must have seemed to her SOooooooo QUIET and so many MEMORIES thoes last fiew years.

    I wish I had gone HOME more often or COULD have at the end and how even today I so MISS being able to pick up the phone and call just to SAY "I LOVE YOU Mom" and hear her say "I LOVE YOU MORE!"

    I don't think in life we say that often enough to the ones we care about and much of the sadness we feel when they are gone away is because we STILL WISH WE COULD!

    Time for some more PONDERING in the HOT TUB! ;)

    the DUCK

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    • Those hot tubs sure do make you feel good, and are a great way to relax the body as well as the mind. They can also make you more healthy, wealthy and wise! And you're a perfect example of that uglyduck! Okay, it's my turn in that tub now! :)

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      • QWAK,just4dummies,I have found that by increasing inner core tempriture it mimicks the same thing the body naturaly does to fight off disease and infection. Most or many disease causing germs can not stand heat above normal body temp. Also it casuses the body to sweat profusely helping to flush them from the system threw the skin. It also rases the heart rate with out a lot of exercise BUT one must be crfull to moniter their limits as IF you faint or pass out and temp is above 105 you could COOK your self or at least your brain! LOL We do want to avoid becoming REAL DUCK SOUP! :)

        The heat relaxes tight muscels and becuse of the higher heart rate pumps more blood to the brain which of corse helps it function better TOO.

        All around a HOT TUB SPA is a very good thing and both a preventitive and cure for many common ailments. When one conciders the EXPENCE of geting sick today it is a cheep injoyable way to remain healthy and IF it is SHARED with another loved one, it is all the more special! ;)

        the DUCK