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  • just4dummies just4dummies Jan 23, 2006 10:59 AM Flag

    QWAK,Empty NEST!

    QWAK uglyduck, I've been too busy lately to do much posting, and have been concentrating on puppies, and gold contracts. Both doing well, but still lots of work. I have a jacuzzi out in the back, next to the pool, and love to run the temp at 102 to 104, and sometimes come out of there like I was cooked, but it feels sooooooo good! Could be that my brain got a little overdone too. I just took a peek at that stupid KO site, and scanned it. Nothing interests me there anymore, because they just want to blab about useless and non-productive things. I focus on things that matter to me and my family, and just don't have enough time for the blabbing anymore. I'd rather chit chat here when I have a little time to spare, than deal with that pack of hiena's. I check the TRE board every couple of days, and just get a quick update on the fundamentals, and ignore the foolishness that all the talk-a-thons have just for the sake of thoughtless babble. At least when somebody here feels like chatting, it's friendly and mostly interesting. It clears the mind. And besides that, a few more folks really should post anything now and then just to make sure it stays up and useable. Post a joke or a rescipe. Everybody's got a little yarn to spin every so often. Keep in touch folks. Later... :)

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