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  • georgejetson123 georgejetson123 Apr 12, 2011 9:42 AM Flag

    Earnings miss?

    Look here at bottom looks like revenue and earnings miss.

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    • Thank you James for your considerate response. I agree with you. A temporary situation. I took a major hit when I owned in the 50s.
      Thought shorts hurt then.
      I have owned two stocks which were crushed recently...FNSR and yesterday ASES. Somewhat shell shocked.

    • nncy,

      In the short term you may have saved yourself some money, because it's very possible that some money managers will use this as an excuse to move the stock lower. However, I think this summer will provide a much higher stock price than where we sit today. I must say I'm a little bit surprised by the .05. I was expecting somewhere between .07-.11. If Mesabi falls into the high 20's or low 30's I would say it presents a good buying opportunity if you can dollar cost average into a position. Look at Ujok's post for a reason for optimism and think of the implications there, (hint, you can find more info in the 10-K).

      Good Luck to You!

    • dixie...I had MSB at $54 and saw it tank to $41...suggest you shut up and be polite...I was questioning my sell not looking for crap from some loser.

    • Royalty payments received in 2011 and prior years continue to reflect pricing estimates for shipments of iron ore products that may be subject to further adjustment (upward or downward) pursuant to the Cliffs Pellet Agreements and the negotiated settlement between Cliffs and ArcelorMittal USA, Inc., announced by Cliffs on April 8, 2011. Based on all of the above factors and as indicated by the Trust’s historical distribution payments, the royalties received by the Trust, and the distributions paid to Unitholders, in any particular quarter are not necessarily indicative of royalties that will be received, or distributions that will be paid, in any subsequent quarter or for a full year.

      With respect to calendar year 2011, Northshore has not advised Mesabi Trust of its expected 2011 shipments of iron ore products or what percentage of 2011 shipments will be from Mesabi Trust iron ore. Cliffs has not provided Mesabi Trust with any projections about possible pricing (and resulting royalty) adjustments that might impact future distributions, although Cliffs did indicate that the royalty payments being reported today are based on estimated iron ore pellet prices under the Cliffs Pellet Agreements, which are subject to change. It is possible that future negative price adjustments could offset, or even eliminate, royalties or royalty income that would otherwise be payable to Mesabi Trust in any particular quarter, or at year end, thereby potentially reducing cash available for distribution to Mesabi Trust’s Unitholders in future quarters. In addition, because the Cliffs Pellet Agreements contain various pricing formulas and price adjustment provisions, the average sales prices received by Mesabi Trust may not match international iron ore pellet prices.

      This press release contains certain forward-looking statements with respect to iron ore pellet production, iron ore pricing and adjustments to pricing, shipments by Northshore in 2011, royalty (including bonus royalty) amounts, and other matters, which statements are intended to be made under the safe harbor protections of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995, as amended. Actual production, prices, price adjustments, and shipments of iron ore pellets, as well as actual royalty payments (including bonus royalties) could differ materially from current expectations due to inherent risks such as general and industry economic trends, uncertainties arising from war, terrorist events and other global events, higher or lower customer demand for steel and iron ore, environmental compliance uncertainties, higher imports of steel and iron ore substitutes, processing difficulties, consolidation and restructuring in the domestic steel market, indexing features in Cliffs Pellet Agreements resulting in adjustments to royalties payable to Mesabi Trust and other factors. Further, substantial portions of royalties earned by Mesabi Trust are based on estimated prices that are subject to interim and final adjustments, which can be positive or negative, and are dependent in part on multiple price and inflation index factors under agreements to which Mesabi Trust is not a party and that are not known until after the end of a contract year.

      Although the Mesabi Trustees believe that any such forward-looking statements are based on reasonable assumptions, such statements are subject to risks and uncertainties, which could cause actual results to differ materially. Additional information concerning these and other risks and uncertainties is contained in the Trust’s filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission, including its Annual Report on Form 10-K. Mesabi Trust undertakes no obligation to publicly update or revise any of the forward-looking statements that may be in this press release.

      Mesabi Trust SHR Unit
      Deutsche Bank Trust Company Americas
      (904) 271-2520

    • The Trustees of Mesabi Trust (NYSE: MSB) declared a distribution of five cents ($0.05) per Unit of Beneficial Interest payable on May 20, 2011 to Mesabi Trust unitholders of record at the close of business on April 30, 2011. This compares to a distribution of twelve and one-half cents ($0.125) per Unit for the same period last year.

      The decrease in the current distribution of seven and one-half cents ($0.075) per Unit, as compared to the same quarter last year, is due to three factors. First, the base and bonus royalties earned by Mesabi Trust (before the application of negative pricing adjustments by Northshore) decreased from approximately $1.9 million in the first calendar quarter of 2010 to approximately $1.3 million for the first calendar quarter of 2011, as a result of a decrease in tons of iron ore pellets shipped from 463,093 tons in the first calendar quarter of 2010 to 273,686 tons credited to the Trust for the first calendar quarter of 2011. Second, Northshore’s most recent quarterly royalty report reflected a $576,625 negative price adjustment to royalties previously received by Mesabi Trust for shipments by Northshore in prior years. Finally, unlike the first calendar quarter of 2010, Mesabi Trust did not add to the current distribution by using funds from the Trust’s cash reserves because the Trust does not currently have excess funds available in the cash reserve for distribution to Unitholders.

      Based on the shipments of iron ore pellets during the first calendar quarter of 2011 reported by Northshore, on April 29, 2011 Mesabi Trust expects to be credited with a base royalty of $533,561 (based on actual shipments of 273,686tons of iron ore mined from Mesabi Trust lands). Mesabi Trust also expects to be credited with a bonus royalty in the amount of $640,273 based on the average sales price per ton of iron ore pellets and the volume of shipments during the first calendar quarter of 2011. As discussed above, Northshore applied a $576,625 negative price adjustment to royalties previously received by the Trust for shipments by Northshore in 2009 and 2010, thereby reducing the total royalty payment expected to be received on April 29, 2011 by Mesabi Trust from Northshore to $742,086 (including a royalty payment of $144,877 payable to the Mesabi Land Trust).

      The royalties paid to Mesabi Trust are based on the volume of shipments of iron ore pellets for the quarter and the year to date, the pricing of the iron ore product sales, and the percentage of iron ore pellet shipments from Mesabi Trust lands rather than from non-Trust lands. The volume of shipments of iron ore pellets (and other iron ore products) by Northshore varies from quarter to quarter and year to year based on a number of factors, including the requested delivery schedules of customers, general economic conditions in the iron ore industry, and weather conditions on the Great Lakes. Further, the prices under the term contracts between Northshore, Northshore’s parent Cliffs Natural Resources Inc. (“Cliffs”) and certain of their customers (the “Cliffs Pellet Agreements”) are subject to interim and final pricing adjustments, dependent in part on multiple price and inflation index factors that are not known until after the end of a contract year. This can result in significant variations in royalties received by Mesabi Trust (and in turn the resulting amount available for distribution to Unitholders by Mesabi Trust) from quarter to quarter and on a comparative historical basis. These variations, which can be positive or negative, cannot be predicted by the Trustees of Mesabi Trust.

    • Such a wussie, can't wait and be a strong holder of a trust like MSB? Glad to have you gone!

    • They paid 3.37 on average and there's been huge volume right at 38.35 all day in odd blocks. Basically reselling at cost….Someone flooding the market with cheaper shares to force a pullback? Or someone exercising now while they still have time?

    • Odd options today…Someone bought 376 $35 calls and it looks like they exercised them…Any ideas on what's behind the strategy?

    • Thanks very much for clearing that up, I searched out your article to make sure I remembered the numbers correctly but was still confused.

    • You do realize that's the annual report for the year ended 1/31/11, right?

      I think more important is the settlement of MT/CLF arbitration. Looks like CLF should get $250M, of which a fraction will be paid to MSB. Looks like 2011 pricing will include a more friendly portion of international pricing, though probably not as much as CLF (and by extension MSB) had hoped.

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