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  • juststeve55 juststeve55 Apr 25, 2009 1:06 PM Flag

    so whos buying?

    time to get in before the run? or just RUN?


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    • EPEX, OPMR, and AHR maybes... but LEE looks like the best play for me next week.

    • Hey steve, that is good to hear! SQNM could be facing potential fraud, I am worried, but honestly I like the thrill. Like VG, I don't believe in LEE, but it looks good short term. Only person I know that reads an actual newspaper is my dad. And well, internet phone service... doesn't seem practical to me. At this point I think LEE has a lot more room to move than GTN and BZ. Let me know what you think, thanks! - Timmy

    • hey tim,

      got lucky on it today, but check out BZ today. i got in at 4/30 at .86 today well lets say it closed up HIGHER.

      i did BUY >VG< this afternoon.... some court case got settled if i read that right.

      looking at some gas plays for next week
      what's to worry about SQNM? should be fine

    • Please speak English... lol. Wow up 32% today! Congrats! SQNM will have me sweating all weekend! Good luck guys - Timmy

    • Hey Juststeve55, Yeah ive learned everybody is different. Some use a 5 day some use a 10 day and so on. As long as we make some $$$$$ is all good.


    • hey easy,

      i use the 12 day simple, but you know as long as it works for us whats the difference in a day. see you higher

      ALD did have a nice break out, hate that when that happens. Some times there are to many to think about buying and others times not crap, worth a chance.
      lets have a good on

    • GTN chart looks ok would like to see more volume may pick up some shares tomorrow. Bought ALD as it broke out of its ascending triangle will try to pick up more shares at the midpoint of the breakout. Willalso try to pick up some shares at.62 on GTN if im lucky. Has did a good job of bouncing off its 13 EMA.

    • You are right about RAD. I will jump out of it tomorrow. I will not be buying GTN. Have a look at SQNM... this is my detour. I will be selling a lot of other positions to jump in tomorrow. I am also on the google finance boards, geithner.timothy. The SQNM board is where I will be tomorrow. I need to start learning that chart stuff! Peace! - Timmy

    • hey T.G.

      200 day ave is a resistance level. like dollar moves on cheap stocks, say under 10.00 as the stock gets higher in price 20,30,40 it becomes less of a factor. 50 100 day ave are all resistance or support levels.
      one of the keys in TA charting. lets say a stock is at 4.55 a lot of funds cant buy anything unless it over 5 bucks. now thats a major problem for it. so once it closes over 5 "big bucks" can move in and take it higher.

      i have 3 moving ave on my charts 12/34 and the 200. look at TLT it broke its 200 dma this week, and were does it head? try south!

      looking at EAR for a short term play. is were i spend 1/2 my time. after 5/6 years i still dont have it all figured out BUT they have a great CHART SCHOOL.
      still not ready for RAD but was glad i got in back somewhere in the 20's and got out in 40's (44 i think) just because of the charts
      any ideas your looking at?

    • Don't worry I won't buy VG. 200 day moving average... What is the significance of this? Where do you get this information? Thanks. - Timmy

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