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  • wow1smallworld wow1smallworld Dec 11, 2013 1:53 PM Flag

    Dan how do you time your trades?

    I cannot recall you ever not making money on a trade with any of your broadcasting stocks. What indicators do you use to time entries and exits? I notice you got in today under the 10 day ema (at 11.95 I was thinking that it could continue lower as under the 10 day ema, which is not a good sign). Why did you think it was a good entry around 11.96 today?? Thanks.

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    • Wow, it would really sound like bragging if I told you my system. It's really hard to explain. I virtually watch every trade for hours at a time most of the day. I look for patterns and algorithms as my brain is almost a computer. I was once asked to join MENSA for my math aptitude if that means anything to you. To be invited into MENSA your aptitude has to be in the top 1%........I also was asked to join for another aptitude but we won't go there. My boss one time gave me a math problem that was supposed to take 30-40 minutes to solve. I did it in less than 30 seconds. In simple terms today I saw where GTN had a lot of support at $12.10+/- and then literally in seconds we were down to $11.97+/- with someone dumping about 25,000 shares in 3-4 trades. MM tried to prop back up at just over $12 but wouldn't hold. I gambled that big seller didn't have much left. Day isn't over but looks like good timing. Hope that helps. I would add that TA is almost meaningless with a volatile stock like GTN. One person wanting to buy or sell a lot dictates daily movement IMVHO. DaninFW

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