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  • geneperoni geneperoni Apr 9, 2002 9:09 PM Flag

    What Happened to Eli ?

    And why wasn't he appointed CEO when Mr.Hwang stepped down?


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    • You and space oddysey (same person??) need to get a life.

      I posted my position in response to the now (thankfully) invisible MFlutie caling me a dumbass for going short in the mid 20's, only to have it drop to mid 19's. He told me to "bend over" for going short. So my initial post was to merely tell him to fuck off, that my gamble paid off. Just goes to show, personal attacks on here are one knows what this stock, or any others, will do. So yeah, I could have lost my ass, and yeah, I would have had to bend over and take it like a man. Turns out, I made a great decision. Could have gone either way, and I have never "pontificated" to know exactly what the stock will do.

      Yet you and space odyssey continue the personal attacks. Why dont we all just let it drop, and try to return this board to a meaningul place to exchange ideas, theories, information, and questions. If you want to flame me for this, go for it. I really dont care.

    • condork2001us, I am not a new investor by any yardstick. I've been investing over 16 years now and I make several hundred stock trades **per year**.

      Don't take my word for it -- do a search on "WiseTrader" and you will see thousands of my posts here on various Yahoo! message boards going back for years.

      You will also notice numerous correct dead-on calls I have made shortly before major stock movements also.

      Perhaps I do know what I am talking about after all when I suggest that in the case of this one particular stock only, QQQ might be a better long term investment than NTIQ ????

      Just food for thought.

    • Hahaha

      Big cool texan loses his cool and WiseTrader starts acting like a DumbInvestor.

      When are you chumps going to stop diddling yourself on the NTIQ message board?

    • Translation:

      "I have a huge position in NTIQ which is underwater...please buy a lot, raise the price and help me get my money back."

      Translation of Big_cool_texan's translation:

      "This is what i'm experiencing so i thought i would project my situation onto others."

      I just bought today texan, sorry i can't share in your misery.

      And WiseTrader,I got the impression your a newbie investor, which is why i asked you to do your due diligence. If NTIQ hits 18 i will sell you my shares, so it looks like we have different strategies. Good luck with your QQQ's, feeling safe is important psychologically, but it often prevents you from realizing larger gains elsewhere.

    • easy dawg, are you and "DumbAssTrader" related? i know i often post "strong sell" when i'm long so thanks for clearing that up. but seriously chief, nobody cares about you or your alleged positions.

    • What are you talking about you idiot? Did you miss the post where I said that i was short from mid 20's to mid 19's, then cleared my position. I am actually holding shares now (not as many as I shorted) to ride the wave back up, if it happens, which it may.

      If you are basing your idiotic comments on my "long term sentiment" of the stock, that is just uninformed and stupid...which would fit you to a T. No, I keep posting Strong Sell merely out of habit. Turns out, we are on the same side of the NTIQ fence now. So blow it out your ass before you attack someone again without knowing what you are talking about.

    • big_cool_texan, you drew a big smile with that one :-)

    • hey scooter, how did you like that last minute? get ready to bend over son, there are many minutes like that ahead for you.

    • Forget it. I didn't realise he stepped down in September.