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  • dballtwo dballtwo Feb 12, 2006 10:04 AM Flag

    Waiting game

    If you're not prepared to be patient NTR is probably not the investment for you. All the mortgage REITs are under pressure from interest rate compression. But it can't last long; you're buying below book value; and it's a great business - basically just pushing money around. Buy when they're friendless.

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    • Thanks for the prompt response.
      You are obviously more knowledgeable in these matters than I am.
      I hope we can keep up this dialogue as I am a large shareholder and I speak to the Company
      form time to time.
      P.S. They have always said they would buy back shares when the price was under book value.

      Common stock, $0.01 par value,
      400,000,000 shares authorized 18,258,221****
      shares issued and outstanding at December
      31, 2005 and 17,797,375 shares issued and
      outstanding at December 31, 2004 183 181
      Additional paid-in capital 98,865 119,045
      Accumulated other comprehensive income (loss) 1,910 256
      Total stockholders'/equity (deficit) 100,958**** 119,482
      EQUITY $1,791,293 $1,614,762


      Well, it *was* 102% of BV last night.....

      I don't necessarily condemn the moves made, just that it's a tough environment to be opening up a shop

    • I bought in at $6.00. Do you think they can continue a 15% dividend? I hope so. Pay me to wait. Even if they lower the div it'll still pay to wait.

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      • When companies don't balance pay with performance then the company suffers where it matters most to us - in the stock price.
        These guys are taking all the money out of the company, including mid level managers and loan officers - superstar pay packages for journeyman work. They are not buying the stock even at $5.5. They should be telling the street and the investors what they are doing other than living lavishly and not performing.

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