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  • trumpace trumpace Aug 7, 2013 11:15 AM Flag

    Look for a pull back to

    $5.63 in the end. It may not happen all at once today but IMHO that would be the low. We could see that as soon as the end of the week or sometime next week.

    The management needs to address the declining book value and it may need to change some personnel that better align with share holder value and change some of their business model along with reducing the dividend so as not to use any return of capital. This could bring in new investors and return to a premium to book value. If management does not address this the pps will continue to decline with every reduction to book value IMHO.

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    • Yeah, I do have to admit that you pretty much nailed it , on the pullback price a couple/few weeks ago...5.61?...I did get some more around 5.64 on that day we saw the good pullback...So, brought down my avg price per share....Have to see what they announce on the next dividend payout...coming at end of month?...Even if they lower it a bit, it'll still be a pretty good yield, I'd imagine.

    • Based on yahoo numbers, NYMT has about 5.3 million shares shorted, so, don't sell cheap, let the shorties cover at a higher pps. Set all shares to sell at $10.00 or higher so the Brokers can't loan your shares to the shorties. Brokers always loan your shares to others if your don't set shares to sell. Lots of greedy crooks out there to steal from you. Always beware !!!

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      • Just to let you know, Your Broker has to have your permission in writing and on file to loan your shares out. This is done by contract and in return for lending your shares out they pay an interest payment to you while the shares are out. Also this approval by you has to be done with each company they would want to loan your shares out that you own. Once they return your shares to you that contract with those shares ends and if they would want to borrow them again for that same company they would have to go through the approval process again. Now normally they will not do this with the retail investor unless there was a large enough share count worth it. They usually do this with the institutional holders. Oh and they would never do this with day traders that I am aware of, Also during the contract you have the right to call back the borrowed shares and if too many call them back is when you see the "short squeeze" occur. Hope this helps.

      • oroplata68
        Thank you for the information about how to prevent brokers from loaning your shares to short sellers. Will this approach work for margin accounts as well as non-margin accounts? I have had a real problem with "payments in lieu of dividends" which are taxed at ordinary rates. I realize that this isn't so much of a problem with NYMT shares since they are non-qualified but it is a real problem for my qualified stocks and even more so when the payments are a "return of capital".
        Thanks again

      • Also, don't trust those articles, these authors always write an article with bias & an agenda, be careful, some media are bunch of crooks out to scare people for their own greedy gain.

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    • That was a good call did you buy more?

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      • I did not I was out golfing but should have put a bid in my mistake and I admit it. But I may get another chance if history is a gauge we may see a correction again in September or by mid October. It is good to see the move up but the fundamentals need to improve like I mentioned above or pressure will remain on NYMT IMHO. Bottom line is without changes to improve the BV and share holder value NYMT will stay in a range. But it does pay a pretty good Dividend for now, but I expect that will go down soon too if no improvements are made. I like the investment but will not purchase yet. When they reduce the dividend, there will be a sell off and that could prompt me to buy.

        I am not short NYMT but feel the pps is too high at this time..., so I'll wait.

    • Agree, might be work picking the junk up in the $5.50-$5.65 range

    • Another SHORTIE trying to scare people. Like anything posted here could make a difference!


    • nickspinner Aug 7, 2013 12:49 PM Flag


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      • hahaha...Yeah, everyone's got an opinion (guess)...and the ones on TV that get it right, by chance, are called geniuses...hahaha....I just never sweat it....If it were to go into the $5's...fine...I'll buy some more - just a spec stock for me....(check out NRF-C ...yielding about 8.8%+...goes x tomorrow...then it should drop about 2% or so on Thursday...So, you can buy now and get the divvy...or wait for the 2% pullback tomorrow)

    • another short. any fact or science to suggest your number.

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      • he uses tea leaves ! don't you know anything ! (smile)

      • $5.98 was the last pullback & on 11/14/12 the pull back was to approx. $5.51. It would be interesting to see what triggered that drop...
        When they issued their share offering the first thing I thought was dilution & where that would place book value. Obviously someone else thought the same thing the day we had the drop to $5.98. From how I read it, the things that bothered me this qtr was the added expense in admin costs, which was due (not all but in part) to added costs for someone else to manage their assets...
        Also something to think of long term is that the preferred stock dividend is coming out of the common stock earnings, which I imagine that will be a quarterly thing from now until the preferred's are mature. That cost was $662K this time.
        Although they cleared more net income this time, the difference in income per share can only be a representation of effect from dilution...
        I guess now it is a question of whether they can make the new assets return value to make up for the dilution +......
        If they cut the divy at all I think a drop to $5.63 is not out of the question..
        That's where my buy order is at......

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