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  • mintwaxed115 mintwaxed115 Aug 27, 2013 3:48 PM Flag

    AGNC & ARR up today ...

    Maybe we should get a seeing-eye dog for NYMT

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    • So where does everyone think $110/ bbl oil puts gas prices at? Today should be interesting as far as the oil report goes, we are on a support line for a re-stock on oil.
      I would think that if that happens, the disconnect between oil & gasoline should start to come back together....Higher gas prices...
      With homes prices rising along with rates, it seems that home buying is slowing.
      Consumer confidence is high right now, but Im not sure so that the general public watches things like oil vs. gas if it was when the new Iphone launch was... well that would be different.
      So I guess what Im wondering is when gas prices go up & consumer spending drops, & the economic data turns south, do you think that QE will roll on or do you think they will try to force it off anyways?
      If so, what do you think that does for NYMT?

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      • oh577,
        Years ago, there was no such thing as QE, and all REITs did very well. Lately lots of articles full of bias and agenda to scrae people out of their shares. That's happening ? Greedy criminals are out to steal from investors. It is a well organized effort to scare people. The stock market is full of greedy crooks. Beware and don't get scared out of your shares, after all, mortgage will always be here no matter what.

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

      • I'm telling you .... I know you probably don't care for what I say but .... LOL

        In my opinion, it don't make any difference where the oil & gasoline prices go because the only practical way to get around in this country is by the automobile and people are willing to pay what it takes to keep going. Europe has dealt with this problem by providing an extensive rail system but we, unfortunately in the 50's, opted to jealously copy Hitler's Autobahn and ruin countless acres of farmland with an interstate highway system --thus draining billions annually in tax payer dollars for maintenance and upkeep and forcing us to constantly buy replacement cars as they wear out. The Japanese, being extremely smart and adept, have capitalized on this transportation nightmare by installing manufacturing plants in this country extracting billions in profits. A good example is Honda in Marysville, OH. Of course, other foreign manufacturers have followed suit.

        You are correct in that home prices have risen with the 10-year going up. The economy is not as robust as the White House controlled media would have us believe. To hear the truth, you have to listen to talk radio on AM, watch the FOX news channel, and CNBC coverage.

        Therefore, I believe that all this talk of tapering back on QE is just a pipe dream and the Fed will have to soft pedal any future actions. I see no effect whatsoever on NYMT for the short term as investors are a lot smarter than Congress & the Fed put together.

    • Im telling you....I know alot of ya dont care for what I say but....... but something stinks here...
      Hoo Ra for the regain on SP, I expected it to drop again...
      But you have to ask, what was the reason for the 3M share dump (more if you take into consideration the next day where the SP couldnt move past $5.7#)
      Mumma has only bought shares one other time, other than that it was all shares that he gained were at $0 ....
      Really, if he was so "confident" why didnt he buy 100K? That would be putting his money where his mouth was...
      Seems like damage control to me...
      Nice little article proclaiming "best dividend play" " wonderful value"
      If that was so... why was the run up on low volume, & why does it continue to languish?
      Honestly, I would like to buy in, but something seems amiss here....

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      • The stock market is an unpredictable beast and very rarely makes sense. So, I would like to suggest that you can't draw any reliable conclusion from daily price variation. As for insider buying, perhaps the person in question allocating available funds to his portfolio and it contains a variety of stocks other than NYMT. If you are still apprehensive, you could try buying just 100 shares over an extended period of time when you see the price dip. Stocks are always going to be subject to good news/bad news that echos around the world falling on investor's ears. Then in turn, investors are subject to their own fear & greed that influences their decision making. In your particular case, I have the feeling that you are consumed with fear. Drink a few beers and buy 100 shares.

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