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  • jamesmurphy79 jamesmurphy79 Jun 15, 2012 8:24 AM Flag

    What's the value of the GUC trust UNITS?

    back of the envelope calculation I'm Not sure of the exact numbers so please share your calculations.

    one GUC unit for each 1,000 in bond claims......but some percentage of the total distributions were already received

    total payout for each 1,000 which was approx
    3.9 GM stocks
    3.5 a warratns
    3.5 B warrants

    anyone know how much is left to payout 10%? say it is 10%
    .39 gm stock X $21~ (current price) = 8.19
    .35 A warrants X $12~ = 4.2
    .35 B Warants? X $8~ = 2.8

    so is the value approx $15?

    any big brains with more details of the percentage of GM stocks and warrants to still distribute? with that data you can value the GUC Trust units if you want to sell them or hold them

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    • Hi,

      I haven't been on this board for awhile.

      Thanks for the reply.

    • you're right have to go back to the price you paid for th ebonds to calculate your cost basis.

      What we're talking about is how much a GUC Trust UNIT is worth....if one wanted to buy or sell one....based on the remaing assets to be distributed. BAsed on my calculations the market has these units price lower than their fair value.

    • What are you guys talking about?

      Are you trying to figure out what cost basis to use for the the New GM shares and the warrants when you sell them?

      My tax preparer and I figured that the basis is what I paid for the Old Bonds.

      I don't see how it can be legally figured out in any other manner.


    • You are right, but the IRS is using the transfer date. The day that the remaining securties were transferred from MTL to the GUC trust.

    • The thing that really bothers me about the "gains tax" is that they completely ignore the fact that the trust has owned these stocks and warrants since 2009. Why aren't they claiming the IPO price of these equities as the starting position, or -- more importantly -- why aren't they claiming the actual amount we are OWED as the basis for these equities?

      There should not be a "gains tax" imposed on what is clearly a massive, massive loss.

    • The term loan is with a group of NY banks lead by JPM. The money is there if we win.

      The tax is on the gain in securty value. The bases for the tax is the value of GM seruities on 12/15/2011. These values are $19.87/ $11.38/ $7.88.

      If the stock and wts value drop to these levels on June 30th, then will not be any tax.

    • Still to be distributed 30,034,667 shares and 27,304,086 wts. With no further claims allowed, we would get 0.9999 shares and 0.909 wts. per unit or $41.26 at current market value. If all remaining claims are allowed, we would recieve 0.8522 shares and 0.7747 wts. per unit or $34.70. If we recover the term loan, the values will change to $38.78 in securities and $47.56 in cash at the high end. At the low end, we will get $33.28 in securities and $40.825 in cash.

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      • Math error, didn't include additional units. The numbers should be:

        no additional claims allowed: $41.26 in securities.
        all additions claims allowed: $11.39 in securities.

        If term loan is recovered with no additional claims, $31.74 in securities and $47.56 in cash

        If term loan is recovered with all additional claims allowed, $4.29 in securities and $40.825 in cash.

    • With a debt range from $30.53B [currently allowed] to $37B which is max possible. The price range is $10 to $23 at current stock value. There also is the term loan case. If we win, that could add $40 to $47 to the value of these units.

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