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  • smaycs4 smaycs4 Jun 26, 2013 5:12 AM Flag

    Fully diluted Book=$5.6685, gross cash per share $3.3655

    Thats using 33.063582 million shares outstanding. Thats more than basic or diluted weighted average shares.

    I have to think there is going to be SOME kind of payday for us before too long.

    Dividend, tender offer or something.

    How much more time does the board need ?

    How much cash does the company need to sit on for future opportunities ?

    What if they pay us $3.00 in cash ? My guess is the stock sure as heck wouldnt decrease by $3.00.

    Or instead of a $3 distribution, they could do a tender offer for $99 million and return the cash to shareholders that way.

    I cant think Higgins could take it private at anything less than, I dont know, $6.50-7.00.

    He couldnt get outside shareholders votes for something like $6. And I cant imagine them forcing us out without a majority of the unaffilated holders voting for the deal.

    Will be interesting.

    Just imagine if they can ever get positive same store sales !

    Any maybe they can with the best buy stuff going on.

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    • Another ridiculous post. No they will not be giving ALL their cash in a dividend. The payday shareholders who have bought in the last several years is already here. Buyout by Higgins will be at $6.00 or so if it happens and he does not need a majority of other shareholders to agree (although he probably would get the votes anyway). If it doesn't look for him to expand, and make a purchase.

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