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  • bill_c_brown bill_c_brown Feb 6, 2009 6:56 AM Flag

    Volker's appointment

    What's with the press release about Volker getting kicked up to head another think tank? Are they signalling a change in tactics? Recognizing that the 1 trillion wont do squat to stimulate the 60 trillion total debt around the world? Its a feel good package for Americans to continue gorging on.

    May its the idea that Ben's days may be numbered as they need someone with more balls to deal with the coming hyper-inflation?

    Any ideas?

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    • you guys are absolutely correct about entertainment on these boards. It really is amazing to hear people pontificate about things they have no understanding about, or have experienced in their life times. Securities are in a huge bubble which the lunatics Helicopter Ben, Paulson, and Bush created and will burst which will send bills, notes and bonds down hard...very hard! TBT is a very good bet for the next several years. One could become very rich by holding a nice position in it.

    • Volker caused inflation. If you increase interest rates all you do is increase the amount the treasury must pay to the bankers. Since it is impossible to raise taxes with the moronic right, the only thing it will do is cause more inflation.

      The problem with TBT is they wont raise interest rates. Thus, the t-bond may stay at 5% and inflation may be 15% even thogh the fed owns 100% of the bonds. The fed does not care becasue they make the money out of nothing. They get the interest payments.

    • 60 trillion total debt around the world
      1.. I read that the CDS alone are $84 Trill.
      2.. Per Doug Kass, Seabreeze Partners, the combined debt of the various US Federal Agencies = $51. Trill.
      (Most of that will have to migrate to the National Debt due to lower fees & licenses which normally pay most of the agencies debt.)

    • Whether Ben is reappointed as Chair totally depends on the economy as of 1/31/10. But Volcker won't get it, because what he did in 1981 caused pain that would not be tolerated today. Obama and the rest would not go for Volcker's shock therapy, which is unfortunately what we really need. Now. Yesterday.

    • We can only hope, but I doubt it. Americans won't accept anything less than a "quick fix" solution. Of course we all know this will only make things much much worse in the long run, but most Americans are still in denial....

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