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  • the_stock_warrior the_stock_warrior May 27, 2009 2:00 PM Flag

    SOB Realtors Assn.

    " I give you money, you give me title, just like a pink slip with a car." In an ideal world, yes.

    But to prevent fraud there are things like Title Searches, Escrow, etc. Then you may want to tour the home that is being offered for sale, maybe the owner doesn't want to be bothered, before you know it, third parties make a living helping moving things along. Yes Real Estate Agents! You don't have go through one, but they are useful.

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    • My girlfriend had a open house...
      I stayed there over the objections of the realtor.
      (Not the listing realtor)

      The real reason the realtor wanted to have a open house was to "get leads" on people who were looking to buy a house & work the phone on other leads.

      "Selling" the open house was just bait for the leads to sell some other place she had actually listed herself & would get a higher commission on.

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      • This country is filled with Morons. Who in their right mind pays 5% commission. For what? What do these parasites do? They open a key to a door and tell about the house that a 15 year old can figure out himself. In India, commission is 1-2% tops, in US, it is 5-6%. I think 1-1.5% is fair.

        I hate middle men. We need a Walter Sams who will eliminate the middlemen of the housing, these parasitic creatures, called realtors. Commission on most of houses is at least 10K for a modestly priced house, say $200K.


      Transfer the title right there at the Assessor's office if you have doubts. Everything else is bureaucratic nonsense! Stop trying to justify your pay and go study science so you can actually make something instead of ripping people off! No more resources for lazy slimy BSers. The power and purchasing power will go back to agriculture/science/engineering so we can have an economy.

      Realtors are USELESS. 8$ an hour is plenty to put up a sign and open a door!!

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