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  • charles40 charles40 Aug 8, 2009 6:30 PM Flag

    pelosi objected the last time

    they raised the debt limit.
    she finally did go along.
    the debt limit is perfect political fight
    and i would say there will be a fight.
    this money(borrowed) comes right off the
    top of the dems budget available. they
    will not like it. more likely they will
    talk with ben about just printing up some
    money/or some other gimmack to get around
    these borrowed funds which will just kill
    their spending 2 or 3 yrs down the road.
    and what are they gonna do with the money
    let me guess--give it to the banks?
    their gonna get it in a round about way
    my guess is this could develop in to
    knock down drag out fight like in the
    80's, driving rates up. but have no fear
    it will be signed at the last minute.
    but some politcal group is gonna be the
    swing vote and they are gonna want something.
    full healthcare/or no change to healthcare
    we will see.

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