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  • plutotoearth_1 plutotoearth_1 Feb 13, 2010 1:14 AM Flag

    Debt ceiling

    14 Trillion.
    That's $50,000 for every man, women, child, baby.....
    Enough redistribution already.


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    • If we want to force the subject of moral responsibly (and common sense) in Washington we need to get people like Peter Schiff in Office. If not, then say goodbye to the America we knew.

    • It goes way past Obama.... Although he is the present lightening rod. And, yes, he needs to go immediately along with many others....

      The US investor will not gain any confidence in our US Government and or our economic investing systems until those that are guilty of creating the financial mess that the US is now in are accused, indicted, prosecuted and jailed. And yet today, there has not been one indictment, not one!

      The US Congress are the ones that are mostly responsible and guilty for the present economic debacle because of the laws and legislation that they passed forcing home lending institutions and banks to lower their lending standards to a point of predicted economic catastrophe.

      For those Executives at Freddie Mac, Fannie Mae and Country Wide Mortgage Company that were associated with US Congressmen and complicit in the formulation of these bad laws and legislation, let them be culpable as well as the US Congressmen.

      For all those that formulated, pushed, forced and implemented those bad laws and legislation; Let them resign in shame, lose their pensions and health care and live in shame and poverty like millions of Americans that have suffered because of their incompetence, irresponsibility, arrogance and greed.

      Below is a list of the "enablers" that should be charged and convicted – by the present facts – of incompetence, irresponsibility and greed that has lead to our present economic disaster.

      The Enablers:
      Carter, Greenspan, Clinton, Reno, Graham, Frank, Dodd, Gorelick, Pelosi, Reid, Durbin, Cisneros, Boxer, Feinstein, Brazile, Waters, Leahy, Schumer, Rangle, Mozilo, Raynes, Pritzker, Johnson and Kerry. The names listed above are just the big names that stick out. There are many others that are and have been complicit that should be accused, indicted, tried and convicted.

    • that has nothing to do with her qualifications . what do you think she would do to improve things-please be specific about policies.

    • that may be true but Bush #2 was worse & i am a die hard Republican. 99% of politicians are BS artists. just envision Sarah Palin as president. i might leave the country! Obama is sharp but is another Jimmy Carter who does not know how to delegate therefor jumps from fire to fire getting nothing done. i hope for the best but am investing in oil & gas stocks plus hoarding some gold in case everything implodes. i would run for office but i speak too frankly to get more than a few votes. heck, i might not even vote for myself. (-:

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      • I was also a diehard Republican but Bush #2 and his congress drove me away, and the present Repubs are no better.

        People love Palin because she is like the girl next door but guess what? Imagine one of your neighbors as president. The POTUS is supposed to be someone better than the avg person.

        Anyway, Obama doesn't seem to have what it takes either. His plan to freeze spending isn't enough, not that he would enforce it. No leadership from the WH, a congress that's insanely egotistical, and a public that wants more, more, more from them. We are doomed.

      • an addendum: maybe Texans-whose state is doing better than most-including myself should secede, elect Kinky Friedman(read his book Kinky Friedman's Guide To Texas Etiquette) president, take over Mexico and form the new country of Texmeco. (-:

    • Washington is headed for a fiscal trainwreck at 100 mph, and there is absolutely nothing to stop it.

      Repubs and Dems are both complete idiots when it comes to this. We have to invest to save ourselves, because no one else is going to do it.

    • Great post.

      This year alone at $1.4T debt....that is over $5000 per PERSON, and about $12000 per WORKING PERSON.

      GWB (or any other Republican President) would have NEVER done anything like this to "get the economy going", NEVER!!!!

      Obummer is driving this country quickly to monetary disaster.

      Oh by the way, to all our Commiecratic friends, when is the date that we can finally hold Obummer responsible.

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