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  • denny20xyz denny20xyz Feb 13, 2010 12:23 PM Flag

    Debt ceiling

    Sarah Palin was an effective governor who was very cost conscious when spending taxpayer money. She believes in keeping the government small. She is also very well versed regarding energy. Believe in what she has done not what the idiots in the media say. If Palin is elected president, I will be selling TBT and buying American companies.

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    • she ran a small state(pop ~700K) which has minimal debt problems due to O&G royalties. she would have no clue as to how to run NYC much less CA or the USA.

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      • You wrote:

        "she ran a small state(pop ~700K) which has minimal debt problems due to O&G royalties. she would have no clue as to how to run NYC much less CA or the USA."

        I say:

        How are California, NYC and the USA doing with all those smart high power politicians that have been running things?

      • Obama did not even run a lemonade stand. Part time lecturer not even a professor as Palin and others give him credit for. He only regurgitated marxist, socialist ideology from college and even then had no original thoughts on that issue. Check it out. Community organizer and 2 year Senator voting present most of the time. Palin may not be a lot of things but she has run a fishing business, a small town and a US state. One thing I think she is good at is with budgets and numbers. At least better than Biden who has been in charge of the Stimulus spending. We all know how that has gone.

    • Agree

      Palin is a simple person with simple solutions. The educated fools are nothing more than indocrinated clowns who graduate from some high powered eastern school.

      The problems facing this country are not rocket science requiring advanced degrees to solve.

      Cut taxes
      Cut business regulations
      Start up a manufacturing base
      Leave the middle east (everywhere)
      Drill for oil & gas aggresively

      Simple, now the idiots that believe we need lawyers and Ivy Leaguer to run the show, then you probably are one of the educated idiots that are driving this country to extinction.

      Palin still believes we must be more aggressive militarily, which I do not believe. That is where we part ways, still I vote for her over an democrate and most republicans.

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      • Agree. The solutions are exactly as you say (except you forgot cut spending). However, implementing them is the hard part. Palin quit being gov. of a tiny state after her allies deserted her and her me-first attitude caused big trouble. Her only asset is her aw-shucks personality. Also, I don't trust her to put the country ahead of her own selfish interests.

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