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  • plee6511 plee6511 Mar 22, 2010 3:31 PM Flag

    Thank God For Health Care Reform

    My wife owns a small business and seen her health care rise 38% this year. over the past 5 years it has averaged 12-15% She had to drop coverage for employees because of this.

    Do you know we are the only developed country in the world that does not provide health care for thier citizens.We have the most expensive health care in the world but we are ranked 39th as far as qualty of care. WE ARE NOT GETTING OUR MONEYS WORTH. I seen Republicans double the national debt to over 9 trillion dollars by going to war on false premises and giveing trillion dollar tax cuts to the wealthy, all without paying for it. I think it is funny now they are worried about deficits after spending like druken sailors.

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    • All those that voted for the behemoth, 2,400 page healthcare bill should have to answer the following questions:

      Are you overweight? Do you have a pre-diagnosed condition? Do you have high blood pressure? Are you a type two diabetic? Are you a type one hypoglosemic? Do you have a family history of any of these things? Are you in need of government assistance?

      Did you get your education from the Pell Grant or Student Loan? Have you ever taken Food Stamps, WIC, Medicare and Medicaid?

      Do you have tats, nose rings, earrings, vaginal piercing, penic rings?

      Have you ever lived in HUD housing? Did you get your job from Affirmative Action? Have you ever sued another to get your fair share? Does someone owe you?

      Have you ever served your country (USA)? Do you know how to shoot a gun? Can you feed yourself without going to a grocery store? Can you take care of your family? Can you take care of yourself?

      If you are incapable of taking care of yourself and your family, who will?


      Answer the questions honestly!

      I am trying to be completely polite and completely appreciative of your view.....

      I hope this health care vote suits you well. Most everyone who posts here will be paying for your free ride.

    • The Democrats have spent the past decade making it crystal clear that they are incapable of following established law, and prefer to legislate through the judiciary branch.

      Al Gore started things rolling in 2000, and the increasingly inept crew, ending with Pelosi as the latest example.

      Unfortunately, Obama's fluke election to the US Presidency has kept the process going.

      When this undemocratic ploy (healthcare) on the part of the Dememocrats gets overturned, and it will, Obama’s reign of amateur incompetence will end along with the short reign of Pelosi, Reid and the rest of the liberal minority.

      November will be the begining of the end for those that failed to represent the majority of the American people.

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      • What I don't understand is how can the Federal Government mandate that I buy insurance ? Or impose a fine for not buying insurance ? What Article of the US Constitution does this fall under ?

        Oh yeah I forgot. The Constitution is just some words on paper only to be used when it furthers your cause. Remember the George Bush comment about it ?

        Dangerous times. A President that is not qualified. No rule of law, just tyranny.

        Well at least TBT is up a bit today.

    • Since the cost of health care is the basic problem, and the health care bill has virtually no meaningful cost controls, how do you think your wife's premium costs will go down?

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      • They can go down to 8% of the company revenue; the fine you pay for not having health care. with guranteed issue, you can wait to purchase insurance when you get sick.

        The irony of this is that the biggest losers will be the unions because not only will their cadillac plans be taxed ( 2018 or something but if repubs get in before probably earlier) but the unions will still require member to purchase health insurance as part of being in the union. Members will not be able to drop out and pay the individual fine (MUCH less than the cost of their health insurance). This could change under Republican administration, too many moving parts to know now.

        As to the Man whose wife was turned down for thinks there's more to the story than what he outlined. Insurance comoanies are far more likely to price a policy really high than to deny coverage. Also, the insurance comoanies are already regulated and there are plenty of ways to challenge what was described.

    • Damn right Plee !!!
      Bring on deficits. We Americans dont care about deficits. Who cares what they are !!!!

      We will make sure every citizen has health care. It is his American birthritht. And then, we will make sure every American breathes pure air, and have food on the table.

      And of course, it is every citizen's birthright, to have a roof, so we will fund every house, no matter FNMA and FMAC may need trillions more.

      We are Americans, and we dont let things like deficits worry about things.

      And if Republicans added to deficits, we Democrats will add triple what they added.

      Deficits - Bring them on. We have the tools (printing presses) to tackle them.

    • I recently tried to purchase health insurance for my wife.She has no pre existing conditions and takes no prescription drugs.She is a little over weight.Because she had not been to a doctor for so long they denied her coverage.Hopefully this will put a stop to crap like this.The insurance companies brought this on themselves with the way they have abused the American people.

    • From on dishonest Rep politican to another Dem win!

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