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  • snugly60031 snugly60031 Aug 7, 2010 12:55 AM Flag

    TBT Bottomed 7/1 & 7/21

    Replying to my message: it did it again. Rates fell to lower lows, and although TBT was down, it didn't get to levels seen on 7/1 & 7/21. I don't have the answer, but there is a reason, not understood by me, why TBT didn't go to the $34+ area it saw last month. I can only speculate that there are buyers who believe better days are coming for TBT. Do they know anything we don't? We'll see.

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    • If the Fed on the 10th does announce they are taking mortgage P & I receipts and using that to buy treasuries, what will that do to the whole rate curve?

      Will the short through long end of the curve drop down even more. Because if so should we be out of TBT until it tanks and then hop in?

    • I havn't looked but you may want to check TBT's NAV (net asset value).
      I've seen this happen with UNG, there were simply more investors buying the ETF than it's assets were worth so basically you were paying a premium to own it.
      If you check into it please post what it is, I have been eyeing TBT again but havn't baught it because I think we could see another dip in the market soon, Wednesday the 10th should be a big day for the markets and TBT depending on what the Fed says/does...

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