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  • snugly60031 snugly60031 Oct 20, 2010 9:17 PM Flag


    It is the logical outcome. Probably won't happen this week, but who knows. We are seeing a taste of it in stocks and commodities already; they are rallying on days when the Dollar falls, and they drop when the Dollar shows some strength. The most important influence on their direction has now become the direction of the Dollar. The Fed has apparently concluded that they are willing to risk hyperinflation for near term gratification of stock market and exports. Weak Dollar weakens America, but Obama and Bernanke figure they will out of office by time sh-t hits fan.

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    • In 1923, at the apex of Weimar inflation,
      the unemployment rate was below 3%.

      German QE started in 1913.
      9 years prior to the onset of hyperinflation in late 1922.

      U.S unemployment is 9.5%.
      U-6, concealed unemployment, is over 17%

      Lack of jobs is America's #1 problem.

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      • Maybe also through in to many people. With the government paying people not to work maybe they should tie immigration to the unemployment rate.
        At Least those of working age. I guess that will never pass because it makes common sense. To clean up many of these messes we need term limits so people can do the right thing instead of worrying about reelection qualms.

      • I agree that a lack of jobs is the problem. BB thinks that he can print money and cause inflation, however, I think inflation caused by a currency crisis will not create any jobs, it will make it harder for everyone to get by on lower income and higher prices.


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