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  • fester6346 fester6346 Nov 11, 2010 10:33 AM Flag

    CNBC guest FYI

    Jeremy Grantham in an interview called the Federal Reserve's QE2 policy ruinois.He has correctly called every bubble.The entire interview can be seen on CNBC at 4:30 pm est. today.

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    • One other thought I have on gold is if enough people put enough heat on Bernanke,he might yell uncle and stop this QE nonsense.If so,gold should drop at least several hundred dollars rapidly.The chances of that occuring seem remote though.I will probably have plenty of time to contemplate whether or not to purchase the DZZ.

    • I am considering shorting gold at these price levels using the DZZ ETF.When I hear of people using their credit cards to get money to buy it that tells me there is a bubble forming.The price of it seems to me to be in nosebleed territory and people buying at these prices are throwing caution to the wind.When the fed meddles in the financial markets it most always ends in disaster.

    • And then they wonder why a trillion bucks sits on the sidelines.

      It's wild.


    • It may be ruinous, but it is necessary.

      The October Treasury deficit came out yesterday at 141 billion.

      There is no other way to fund the US government operation.

      If the bond rates go to 8%, over half the treasury receipts will go to interest.

      All Federal government departments should be placed in an emergency no hire no wage increase freeze. Their capital budgets should be eliminated with the resulting job cuts.

      I don't think people understand where we are on the precipice.


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