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  • drstone3 May 21, 2012 1:08 PM Flag

    Time to run on your 3 & half year record Obama!!!

    Excuse Maker & Cry Baby Obama just run on your 31/2year record below!!!
    Obama has 2012 Slogan ready > Still all Mr.Bushs Fault! Cry baby Obama blames everyone but the jerk in the mirror for his failure!
    Mr. Obama you set records below so you own them.
    Record First ever US Credit Downgrade in History under Obama!
    Record US unemployment going on 3rd year 17 Million out of work still.
    Record Obamacare bill passed even when 58% of voters said hell no.
    Record 4- Obama Wars raging.
    Record Obama Lies and broken promises.
    Record Deficits with Bobo spending 5.3 Trillion in first 2 years alone.
    Record Homes foreclosed on and business failures.
    Record Oil gusher in the Gulf and no finished cleanup.
    Record 1 in 7 on Obama Food Stamps.
    Record Bailouts of Union Thugs & Big Bank Crooks.
    Record Obama Gas prices over $4 Bucks’
    Record lies and broken promises Gitmo still open Bobo & libs.
    Record bigger government and more Obama Czars than Russia.
    Record weekly Golf on Taxpayers dime for Obama buddies.
    Record closed door meetings and No-Transparency.
    Record Obama family Vacations taken on taxpayer’s dime.
    Above Record for Obama to run on in 2012 = GOP Sweep will follow! Sweet! Looks like One & Out for Bobo come 2012. Who the hell wants 4 more years of this crap.

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