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  • longstocko longstocko Aug 23, 2005 3:59 PM Flag

    bought at 80.02

    sold at 80.98.

    I hope tvpages bit(no way I'm buying at 83 lol), and end up holding the bag over night. Tomorrow, they will try to pump again, and major dump and short day.

    for small traders, good to dump after/before hours, imo.


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    • Damn. It was wild today.
      I covered my short shares this morning and got on the long side several times for a small loss. Then I finally got on @ $79 and it took off. I am still holding all 300 shares. Something has to be up other than the price. If it is just manipulation, it is very sick that people to this to other people.

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      • I am not in any way casting aspersions by this comment, but, if you are not aware of people pumping a stock because they are long or dissing a stock because they are short, in addition to a totally manipulated market by the hedgie's, MM's and short sellers, you will never win in this game. I am sure you are a kind person and I commend you for that, but please know this is a great big gambling casino and our Country is going down the tubes quickly because of American GREED. Good Luck.

      • who knows how high it'll go in the short run - nobody when it comes to this little float, imo. tvpages, obviously pumping and dumping. But with so many credible analysts negative on BIDU, I personally don't like to hold overnight - especially when I believe it'll eventually fall below 50 - probably a lot sooner than we think.

      • At least you are honest, man. Some of the punks on this board would like you to believe that they are spending millions trading on this highly volatile and unproven stock. Peharps they are confusing this with the monopoly game they play at their juvenile gathering places. Amazing!

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