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  • jleesh2003 jleesh2003 Sep 20, 2005 4:24 PM Flag

    Things could go wrong

    1) Bidu along with other search engines lost rights for music search -> hit rate will go down for BIDU.
    2) Bidu's earning report will slow down and won't support current stock price value.
    3) Bidu lacks of innovation on other technologies. Not like GOOG, today GOOG release its beta version of wireless search.
    4) Too much competition in chinese market and Bidu is too slow to react as it does now.
    5) Alibaba IPO. Sooner or later people will realize Alibaba is a more attractive one for china play.
    6) Bidu CEO Lee is more technical folk and his vision like rest of BIDU employees is to IPO. Right now these BIDUers are anxious to wait for their turn to sell all their shares of BIDU. There will be a big sell off before unlock.
    7) Wall Street will more like Alibaba CEO than Bidu's. Does anyone see BIDU CEO come out defensing its stock recently while the stock is up and down so dramatically? On the contrary, CEO Lee said on chinese interview he would do nothing like this. Alibaba CEO will do the opposate.
    8) BIDU failed on its IPO. It should get a better price and use them for its aggressive expansion. Well it only gets $27 instead $127. Don't you see there is a problem from its management? It just says that the management is comfort with $27. That probably could make themselve rich. That's all they care for.
    Want any more to say about BIDU?
    I am glad that I exited completely.

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    • Talk about trend:
      First high is $150; second (last) one is $120;
      If you remember last time, it went to $90 and went back to $99; then it went down to $70.
      With recent downgrade, does anyone believe it will go above $100 even without bad news?

      As a result, the trend for Highs is going down, More down...
      Oh, don't forget. Last time GOOG was $270s.
      Now it is $307. The fact speaks all!!!

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