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  • stockmassacre stockmassacre Jul 23, 2008 3:53 PM Flag

    Just bought the Aug 320 Calls...

    We should see a 10%+ move after hours with a follow thru
    tomorrow into the $320+ area.

    Should be at least a double come tomorrow.

    Worth 1 contract or 2.


    Good luck to the longs !

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    • Hello, SM, Boy r u right about this market, I fell for the
      inviting 30 points down move on MA and bought in...too soon.

      What do you think about next week ? Do think there are any
      plays worth chasing ? And I wanted to ask you, how long have
      you've been doing this and not work a regular job ?

      You don't have to tell me, I was just curious.

      When do you decide to sell a loser ?

      How long do you hold winners ?

      Sorry to be so nosy, I was just hoping to be able to do this
      as well - how much money are u using for this, if I may ask ?

      Have a great weekend and if you don't want to tell me
      everything, it's all good !

      Thanks again for all your help, SM !


    • PHew ! I am off to enjoy the weekend ! Man, this was a really
      tough week trading for me (I'm sure it wasn't easy for you all
      out there)! I covered my MEE 80 CALLS at a nice 80% gain today,
      my SU 60 CALLS for a 15% loss and I am holding on to my
      disastrous FLS 145 CALLS.

      I will do some home work for next week on Sunday, hopefully
      it will allow all of us a better net return !

      So far, for the quarter , I am up still a pretty
      respectable 25% on my trading dollars (I am striving for a
      net positive of 15% per/earnings quarter).

      With short term Capital gains, a return of 20% per year is
      necessary to maintain my lifestyle of NOT working 9 - 5.

      Not EZ, not EZ at all.

      Hopefully by next year I can get it down to 15% of my capital
      or less.

      Have a nice weekend, everyone !


    • Hey, MIT,

      Hope u got out of MA after the nice move back. Boy, this has
      got to be the toughest market EVER to hold on to a position !?

      As my friends working for a couple of Hedge funds tell me,


      That's all one can do, you see a profit....take it !

      Crazy !

      Holding MEE, SU and FLS (down $3,500 on paper)

      Tomorrow's employment report should make for interesting
      trading !!!!

      Good luck, everyone !

    • Hi, SM !

      Don't you like MA down $32 ??? I gotta buy it here.

      unbelievable !

    • Just bought 5 CALLS on the FLS $145 for $4.90

    • Sorry, folks on MA ! The expectations were just too tough to
      be considered a prudent speculative play (for the options).

      Way too expensive for me.

      Grrr, I hate when the market over reacts to economic numbers
      like the ones we got today (GDP# and Weekly Jobless Claims), it
      makes it impossible to calculate the % moves by certain stocks.

      Keep ur eyes on FLS and FSLR (as well as MEE) - should get lots of action.

      Staying with my MEE CALLS til tomorrow (unless I see $85

      Looking to play the AUG 150 CALLS on FLS, perhaps.

      Good luck, everyone !


      p.s. I am long out of GOOG, Appolona !

    • Nice call on MA SM! You made a nice chunk on GOOG, still holding any of GOOG?

    • MA not looking too good in Pre-Market.

    • Thanks for the input SM, will try to chip in couple of them. Gud luck to you too, will ping sometime 2morrow.

    • O.k., here is my take on MA and V for tomorrow as well as a few
      others I have been studying all afternoon/evening.

      First of all, in my opinion, MA will beat the street, however,
      NOT as significantly as last quarter, hence I would only buy
      the $300+ Calls AFTER the report (if at all).

      My favorite play after seeing their earnings release is....

      FLS, they knocked the cover off the ball and if I am lucky
      enough to get the $150 CALLS for less than $3 tomorrow, I
      will be all over them. The stock rarely sells off after
      earnings and will be a hell of a day-trade.

      FSLR also had a great quarter, the stock HAS to trade over
      $310 tomorrow to allow a options buyer from yesterday to make
      any money on their risk, possibility to buy the $300 CALLS
      at the open IF under $10 or so (not likely though), above
      that wouldn't be worth the risk - IMHO.

      CHK should be a great play for the $55 CALLS tomorrow (today
      would have been even better), earnings release on Friday Pre-
      Market. Should DESTROY the numbers !

      MEE, in my opinion a lock for $85+ sometime by Fiday, with
      the entire sector showing substantial earnings improvements
      year/year (ACI, CNX, ANR).

      Hopefully this gives some of you out an idea or two to make
      FAST money tomorrow !

      All the best,



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