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  • cream_n_dream cream_n_dream Jul 24, 2008 10:27 PM Flag

    Remember. It is all about SAVING FACE

    with us Chinese. Put on the good face for the world to see. Same with stocks. There will be no stock drops going into OLYMPICS. Very Imprtant to save face. They will do all that is possible to keep bidu matter how many shares they have to put out on the market. Political sensitive times.....giggle giggle.

    Now you know the Pumper and Dumpers will be heading to SOHU. They have left dumped shars in bidu with run up and will now work on SOHU to get nice and big and strong. The list will go on and on....shamus very smart and understand manipulation minds.....giggle giggle

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    • Look for an attempt at another massive run up before OE. Then it will flutter back down. I made a small fortune on the calls I picked up on Friday and hope to unload the rest before Friday. Then it will be planning time for next week...we shall see.

    • The final pump for the unload by big holders. Saving face and saving a$$ are all that matters in this market.

    • They will have to work harder to catch Google. Maybe in the next round after we travel back down to the lows. Synora

    • Lets see if they can pump it higher to catch google. Who cares if the numbers are all concocted from someones imagination. This is in China and away from any regulatory watchdog. The US government will not make waves since they need China to buy more of their debt. The fix is in big time as these knowledgeable investors have posted.

    • Hey this is life. This is the life we chose. This J294 is nothing but small potatoes, looking for attention and trying to disrupt people from enjoying each others company. The world is full of these sickies who hate it if they don't get all the attention. J294 is like a little spoiled brat who wants his way and to be the center of attention. He complains about not getting any stars. If he wants to see a lot of stars then he should ask one of his nutty friends in California to hit him across the back of his head with a 2X4. He'll see plenty of stars, ha, ha.

    • sound like a very lonely outcast of a man with no friends and desperately seeking attention and acceptance from people. Are you really that insecure and childish as well as foolish. Grow up and as other have suggested, go get a life. If your problems are that deep seated you should see a psychiatrist or get on some medication for your problems. The pharmaceuticals they have today might work wonders for your insecurity and fear.

    • J294 is so silly.....giggle giggle. He is more than silly and I like what you call him the Putz...giggle giggle. He is a real JOHN and has problems with relationships and people. No wonder he joined the Heavens Gate Cult. I googled it and read about it and it's former leader Marshall Applegate. Sounds just like J294 with the long winded worthless posts he makes. Round and around in circles all the time and can't give a straight answer. Giggle giggle a reas insecure jerk. Giggle giggle

    • Hey Mano. That sick old man is a problem with all people who post and are popular. I would not know that he posted except for your response to him. J294 is an idiot and a follower of some cult out of San Diego. The cult is the Heavens Gate cult and their their former leader Marshall Applegate. I guess J294 wants to take his place and will go to Mexico to get Castrated and shave his He is a sick man and not worth much words.

    • You are a great trader Creamy. That is why me and my cousin followed you over from AIG. We all made fortunes in AIG and I know you have made it in BIDU and others. Lots of pumping and sitting on my face time coming up.

    • Nice call a year ago. They sure did run it up to the olympics and then the fizz came out of the pop. You must have made a bundle on your strategy. Looks like the handlers like to run it up into earnings and then higher with inflated numbers.

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