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  • nvest80 nvest80 Jun 16, 2009 10:25 PM Flag

    How the f is this possible 1,500 shs moves price up in ah by three bucks?

    tell me you are not looking at the relatively low volume AH as an indication of what will happen tomorrow. It's so easy to manipulate AH share price to give the impression of what will happen the next day. Same with Pre-market. And that there is no set open hours for Premarket is another joke. It's manipulators' heaven. I don't mind AH but you have to take it for what it's worth - not much.

    Somebody might decided to cover because they saw Asia up - the Nikkei I meant. Since Hang Seng and Strait Times are both down. And the Nikkei seems to pull back now, too. But Asia had two good down days already, so a little up almost has to be expected at some point. But with China down already 1%, how will that affect BIDU again tomorrow?

    I think we'll have a change in market psychology away from the it's a great time to buy to one where people get more cautious and careful - might take their paper profits and run as they know how it feels to lose.

    The US futures are up right now. We will see what happens tomorrow - by tomorrow ;)

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    • Very true. Sound like and educated person which makes us all ask valid questions about what is really going on. Healthy markets used to correct themselves they say. But was that healthy? Sure, for the floor traders it was. Now it would seem to me, they are battling with the hedge fund mgrs. Which are not exactly hedge funds if you look at their holdings. But then again they don't disclose, but I did work for one...

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