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  • eurosasa00 eurosasa00 Sep 8, 2009 2:55 PM Flag

    Got 10 350SEP Puts today

    Just got me 10 SEP 350 puts for 8.0 average

    Lets see what happens - Pure Gamble

    Good luck and wish me luck

    BIDU ran from 316 to 359 in last 5 days, i expect pullback of 4-5% by next wednesday (going to 445 again) and hopefully i can sell these puts for 12.0 at least

    Take care - lets see where this unpredictable stock goes


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    • eurosasa, you got guts. No guts no glory. Good luck on 350s'.

    • I will check it out

      I had to play bidu and bought some puts and sold them for quick profit.

      I am watching GOOG for entrance point for OCT calls and earnings release 1 day before OE. Gutsy but rewarding play every october.

    • just sold 370 puts for 1500$ profit. 5 puts bought at 6.9 today and sold at 9.9

      Got to make few bucks here and there!

      now, bidu needs to drop 2-3% on mon and 2-3% tuesday and wednesday combines and we will be at 349 or below which is where we need to be to make some money;

      but 5-6% pullback in bidu is not unheard of.

      GOOD thing is that it didnt close above 376 level near 52 week high...So, now 5-7% pullback from 370 is very very likely going into mid next week


    • Just sold all 5 370 puts for 9.9

      made 1500$ - just to catch some losses on my 350 puts

      paid 8000$, now at 2800$...LOL (but like i said, 12k profit from previous week is what i am playing with now)

      Cash sideline from profit (12k), including quick profit of 1500$ on 370 puts, is at 5500$ (still pure profit money),

      not counting my 2800$ (on 350 puts) 12k profit right now is 7300$..Lost some of it but that will happen. As long as i am playing with profit money - i am ok.

      GL all, holding 350 puts into small sell off next week and bidu testing 338-344 is what i expect before Friday


    • way out of the $$ I if this corrects to 350 I'm going to be very very happy!!!!

    • I anticipate a sell-off toward the end of trading day today ... so be super careful! I would get OUT any of the "gamble wisdom" trading positions right NOW at noon time ... before the exodus of investors exiting the stock market to lock in this week huge GREEN profits for the weekend!

    • eulette Sep 11, 2009 11:35 AM Flag

      thanks Baonam, i agree so I stayed away today

    • Hey you guys ... Guess what? I do not play Baidu or any other high beta stocks today. Why? These stocks are too toppy at the moment and have no catalyst to move up further. They basically look very very "tired"!

      So, today I hop on the FAS train to play this puppy ... Have been riding "puppy" FAS (3X financial bull ETF) three times today within one hour in the range $77.50 to $78.50 with high volume shares played. When FAS comes down close to $77.50 --> I buy. When FAS reaches close to $78.50 --> I sell. Much more GREEN profits riding on Mr. FAS THREE times (and more later if opportunity continues to allow ...) in high volume of shares played ---> much much better than playing Mr. Baidu today! Yay!!! Just another "strategy tactics" to share with you guys!

      Bonne chance a` tous ... Oh que c'est beau l'argent VERT! Merci la bourse du Wall Street!

    • eulette Sep 11, 2009 10:16 AM Flag

      know what Eurosasa, I didn't buy the call cause I said you are usually right, I am just learning, and my guts kept telling me listen too him so I did. waiting to see pullback to buy the puts.

    • Euro, gutsy move for adding Sep 370 PUTs at this hour! BIDU may very well touch $380 today and start to fall soon after but if it stays there then the PUTs are going to keep on losing value and wouldn't it be too early to buy SEP PUTs before Monday? I am also down with SEP 350 and 360 PUTs since yesterday.

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