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  • impressiveinvestor impressiveinvestor Sep 12, 2009 10:01 PM Flag

    IP is a Scam by CORRUPT American Elitists!!

    all American lobbyists on IP are about expanding time, and scope! philosophers tell us it is not a natural right! some modest IP is OK but greedy modern elitist old boys club are about ripping off consumers and redistributing wealth to the super rich via government fiat. no one in D.C. lobbies to scale back IP.

    super rich only believe in free market when eit suits them. they need the government to define all property as theirs! the WTO is not about free trade. we had free trade before WTO! WTO is about hoodwinking the world into agreeing to corrupt super rich IP.

    it is a scandal. all honorable people in the world to civil disobediance and disregard IP. do not honor any IP.

    in the end IP should be reduced to levels of about two centuries ago.

    perhaps 30 years hence, when ROW economies are stronger than USA, IP will be scaled back 90% and super rich will be required to be productive for a living.

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