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  • texgai texgai Apr 4, 2011 11:29 PM Flag

    Please give me an advise on Qihu

    Bidu now is so expensive for me now, someone told me that Qihu is good too and its model business is similar with Sohu, anyone Please give me an advise on Qihu? I try to invest my money into China tech but I do not want to post this on Qihu board bc there are a lot of people try to pump it up instead giving me a good advise. I know it is not the media advertizing like Bidu, but is it the good company the invest too? Thanks.

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    • billybob is right , listen to him!

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      • No I do not mean the stock is dead, it may be the next MICROSOFT (MSFT) what I mean is wait and see, if it is any good, the insiders investment funds will start to buy it. If you want buy a good stock try BABY, but make sure it is at the bottom not the top. I believe the top is about $17.00 then sell the bottom may be 15.oo or 16.00 by sure to check their earnings. Oh bye the way, I am not an stock expert. I am like you, Two years ago I did not know that corp. made a profit.So I am at the starting gate, and have made many mistakes. i always bought penny stocks because I did not want to pay a lot for a stock. Then i decided to buy BIDU, so the first time I bought 2 shares, and once a month I bought 3 or 4 shares. If you are patient and in 2 or 3 years you will have some money. So my advice is find a company that you believe in, make sure they will not go bankrupt and start buying as many shares as you can, any thing from 1 to 500 each month, do not use margin because the broker will rip you off. This is not a get rich fast. GOOD STOCK IS JNJ, PG, PROCTOR AND GAMBLE (PG) i GOOD STOCK ID GOODMAN SACKS (GS) THE MOST IMPORTANT THING IS THAT YOU HAVE TO BELIEVE IN THE COMPANY YOU BUYL. it not, DO NOT BUY STOCK, if YOU HAVE $5,000, TO $10,00 BUY US TREASURY (T BILLS) YOU WONT MAKE MUCH BUT YOU WILL NOT GO BROKE. So be sure brfore you lose money, that is what I DO NOW. I buy stock once a month until I GET $5,000 and then I sell and buy T bills 20 years.Remember i am not a professional, just a guy like you. I HOPE THIS HELPS.

    • Texgai is completely right, good evaluation of the situation with qihu. Do not go near it at the moment

    • I WOULD NOT BUY QIHU NOW and I will tell you why. Forget the emotions and the pumpers, and the shorts. They just want your money. The reason is the people bought the stock before the IPO pumped it, the analyst, hedge funds etc, then on the IPO, dumped it to the small investors. If you do not believe me check the insiders, they all sold, the only people that own it now is the small investors. Wait and see what the big boys buy it, it is sucker bait now.

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