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  • billybobseq47 billybobseq47 Apr 5, 2011 11:33 AM Flag

    Please give me an advise on Qihu

    No I do not mean the stock is dead, it may be the next MICROSOFT (MSFT) what I mean is wait and see, if it is any good, the insiders investment funds will start to buy it. If you want buy a good stock try BABY, but make sure it is at the bottom not the top. I believe the top is about $17.00 then sell the bottom may be 15.oo or 16.00 by sure to check their earnings. Oh bye the way, I am not an stock expert. I am like you, Two years ago I did not know that corp. made a profit.So I am at the starting gate, and have made many mistakes. i always bought penny stocks because I did not want to pay a lot for a stock. Then i decided to buy BIDU, so the first time I bought 2 shares, and once a month I bought 3 or 4 shares. If you are patient and in 2 or 3 years you will have some money. So my advice is find a company that you believe in, make sure they will not go bankrupt and start buying as many shares as you can, any thing from 1 to 500 each month, do not use margin because the broker will rip you off. This is not a get rich fast. GOOD STOCK IS JNJ, PG, PROCTOR AND GAMBLE (PG) i GOOD STOCK ID GOODMAN SACKS (GS) THE MOST IMPORTANT THING IS THAT YOU HAVE TO BELIEVE IN THE COMPANY YOU BUYL. it not, DO NOT BUY STOCK, if YOU HAVE $5,000, TO $10,00 BUY US TREASURY (T BILLS) YOU WONT MAKE MUCH BUT YOU WILL NOT GO BROKE. So be sure brfore you lose money, that is what I DO NOW. I buy stock once a month until I GET $5,000 and then I sell and buy T bills 20 years.Remember i am not a professional, just a guy like you. I HOPE THIS HELPS.

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