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  • linda.wang82 linda.wang82 Jun 9, 2011 7:17 PM Flag

    China's Income Per Capita is < $4400

    and Bidu is $1200/share (10:1 split) which is unjustified.....I am a Chinese too!

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    • Is that like US per person living in China with $4444 income...? A family of four, then may fit the values suggested here, sharing rent...sorry family of three, well, there are reports of a fourth child becoming acceptable. Let's see, in America it costs about $200000 to raise a child.
      I guess what is remarkable about the Peoples Republic of China is that it brought its people out of poverty in the last 30 years. Interesting the U.S. had targeted the PRC for a war to support out way of life: Carter called it a 2.5 technological war management capability, identifying China as the target, probably by Bush set date for 2014-17 to be coordinated with a new air craft carrier capable of a management of three wars at the same time--the Reagan? Anyway, China's quest for controlled capitalism begs the point that if you feed, clothe, educate? people they turn capitalistic---depending on how you look at it, their black market was least in the USSR! Seem we keep getting it wrong to "be prepared" at the U.S. cost driven by the Bush agenda for war with China...I guess the perception of the Arab enemy being anti-communist would become the friend to us, being the enemy of our enemy! At least our military sophistication saved the US debt being paid back by our cheap currency today if for our US dollar collapse as projected back then, in the last lost decade, for its replacement of the Amero? Peace, security, and freedom is not free! Who would think that we may have negotiated with Iraq...maybe, but ego, terror, and hate may not have worked without the context of a Middle East peace. Bush, I thought, was seeking to make the region safe for peace, but I was wrong, it was a launch, oil region control, and troop training for the Bush agenda war. Brilliant, but the quick move to capitalism, cooperation (to an extent possible) with China was made possible by the potential threat for a planned war---hence the commodity buy up.
      China can keep their $4444 per person, seems high, but to pursue knowledge in freedom there compared to in the U.S.....well, maybe we have yet a lot to learn. Personally, I did not think that China could produce such value as $4444 per person. Their care of the group as part of their world view compared to our worship of the objects, toys, of technology, and the dollar---well, it all makes the world go around hoping their and our humanity join to share cultures.
      Those of you who have traveled China, is $4444 per person a reasonable statistic? I too have a lot to learn, travel, and see...someday...

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