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  • eurosasa00 eurosasa00 Oct 15, 2011 8:56 PM Flag

    Trader - eyeing OCT 140 calls

    These calls go for 3$

    I expect market to have small pullback on Monday, and BIDU will probably be somewhere around 135$ at which point you will be able to buy there 140 OCT 21 calls for $2.5

    I am thinking about buying 10 and taking a risk.

    Historically looking back 5 years, BIDU is not been doing good on 3Q, and usually stock drops, but something tells me that this stock wants to re-test 150$ a share range short term.

    Concern: stock moved from 103 to 137 in less than 10 days, but overall, it just seems that it wants to go to 150 resistance level.

    I will be watching monday and probably make a call late monday to get few 140$ calls or 135$ calls (OCT21).

    IF stock does pop higher 7-12% (usual move up or down by BIDU), then one can profit nicely with 140$ calls.

    Will do research and make a move monday. JUST A QUICK TRADE

    GOOD LUCK all...I just did extremely good with google earnings (over 400% gain in less than 2 weeks), i hope i can do same with bidu here short term...

    I think those 140 calls can at least double (100% gain in a day or two following good earnings)

    Take care - any input is welcome.....If anyone needs historical data from pro website, i can post a link here. It is not my company, it is one of those wall street companies. but let me know


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    • selling 10/28 130P @ 9.10

    • Correction - bought the Nov $140's for $3, not Oct, which expire today

    • Just picked up 8 Oct $140 call contracts @ $3 - reached the bottom for today. Have a little more in my gun if they try to pull down to $118, but doubt it - little volume.

    • Euro, are you buying Calls/Puts today? What is your take on the Bidu's decline today?


    • Adding more Nov. 130/Calls as the mkt is likely to rally next week with the any good news from EU. Bidu hit the lowest today before ER, IMO. Taking a risk but also buying few PUTs as well.


    • Oct calls expire tomorrow

    • Well folks.... I have been playing Bidu for 3 years now. I am new to this board, and have been following it for the last month.

      Just wanted to say farewell everyone. I lost my entire life savings today. This downturn put me in such a margin call that I have lost everything. Time to become a wal-mart greeter lol.... the only thing I can laugh about these days.

      Just wanted to say one of two things.. 1. As an old man I really appreciate the dedication of the longs. 2. Longs I hope your aware that if you use scottrade/charleschwabbs/e-trade etc.. as your broker. That they are loaning out your stock to the shorts who destroy your porfolio, and bank off of it. You are allowed to call in and request this not to happen. 3. I hope someone stands up to high frequency traders....It litterally has cost me everything.

      Good future trading folks. And God Bless... were going to need it.

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      • I never trade margin, so that way I can only lose what I have in my cash account.

        Bidu is been my problem when it comes to trading. It is unpredictable and I tend to choose wrong side of the trade often.

        I have been successful lately and hope to see BIDU move higher toward 150 range after earnings and with market move higher.

        But, bidu Mulitple is high and growth is there. Once growth drops, stock will end up selling big time just like RIMM did, NETFLIX,…

        Amazon falls into this category as well, but amazon is good for now..Bidu is good for now as well, but any mishap, and stock is heading down…I will just make sure to have puts to catch the drop. (one of these years)

        Good luck

      • Man, that is rough. My heart goes out to you. My advice: get really drunk and forget about life for a while.

        But maybe there's still hope. In my experience, sometimes immediately after a massive loss trade, my despondency leads me to believe that the trade's effect on my overall net worth will be much greater than it ends up being. I've got my fingers crossed that something similar will end up being true for you in this case.

        I hope this goes without saying, but I obviously hadn't read your post before I titled another thread today; in deference to your situation, I'm going to do everything I can to delete that thread.

      • Sorry to hear about your loss. I lost many times but I always paly with what I can afford to lose. Stock mkt acts like Casino and you should never put everything down for one stock - spread it around.


      • I'm sorry about your loss, but
        allow shorting makes this game a bit fair.
        I know you will be back.
        Good luck next time.

      • I too have lost most of my money trading BIDU on margin. These short sellers and high frequencey traders are killing the market for the small investors. I wish the SEC would do something about it.!!!!

    • Any one buying Calls here?


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      • I just got 4 NOV 130 calls for 10.5

        I hope to catch some movement upside from here and this is just my earnings trade.

        Google did fine, yahoo did fine…I think BIDU will do fine

        My only concern is slight slow down in china, but I will take the risk

        I just entered today with those call.
        Lets see how it plays out

        Planning to close all calls on the 28th OCT following earnings - take a loss or profit.

        Good luck all

    • nice call, did exactly just that. bought on the dip, wen we were down 1 buck... working out nicely, but got the 135 oct calls. paid 4.80... this should go to 145 this week before any major pull back, remember we are sitting above the 50 and 200dma now. that is the bounce area which it did nicely this am. if it breaks below i will sell for a loss. but right now i don't see that happening.

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      • I picked up 3 oct 21 140 puts for 630$ each - this is just this week trade but i m hoping bidu drop tomoorow 5$ to cash in nice profits.

        I got those 3 calls today early morning at 630$ each but bidu held up good today in down market.

        Since sp 500 failed again at 1225 resistance i hope that market heads lower tomoorow especially that numerous stock sold off after hours on earnings (crocs and ibm)

        I plan to sell my bidu put tomorrow or latest wednesday and then get long nov calls for earnings

        We will see how it plays out

      • I went ahead and played off of this. I bought some 140 calls at a descent price today. Already day traded them once and made 10%. I would expect to see a jump sometime soon. Especially tomorrow with the AAPL earnings tomorrow afternoon.

    • angelelectric Oct 17, 2011 9:52 AM Flag

      looking for more buter and shorts cover to push this to $140+++

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