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  • eurosasa00 eurosasa00 Nov 1, 2011 9:35 AM Flag

    Got 3 BIDU calls on the Open today

    BIDU dropped to133 (200 day moving average) at the open, hitting my target buy price this morning.

    I got 3 Dec 130 calls for 1310$ each this morning

    Good Luck all - this is a go at this point. Nice re-tracement from 148 to 133 (200 day moving average) and at this point, i had to get in and buy 3 DEC 130 calls for a upside run from here..

    Good Luck to you all

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    • bidutrader Nov 2, 2011 5:13 PM Flag

      is .50 considered a above 140 or it needs to be more like $1-2

    • SINA

      Nov 80 - open interest over 5500

      and Today 2- nov
      there is insane volume on 87.5 strike november 18 - 2100 trades mostly buying
      and 90 strike price had over 6400 trades….

      These would typically trade around 300-500 trades…Those levels are above normal which to me is indicator that SINA is heading toward 90 short term (probably right after earnings)

      Another indicator is 50 DMA which keeps getting tested and will probably break after earnings - 50 DMA is at 88-89, so there could be more upside after that breaks.

      This is a very good trade with 90% chance that you will make nice profits…

      At the end, it is your call, but i got in today few minutes before the close. As soon as i sow the volume on 87.5 and 90, and history of 3Q, that was enough for me to make a quick trade and buy 3 calls.


    • Got into it 10 min before close today

      Greece news that may come out any minute - they may decide to accept the deal and not vote on it internally - news imminent
      Friday unemployment on friday - i expect 9.0 (while street expect 9.2 from current 9.1) seasonal hiring.

      Recent price drop from 90 to 80 prior to earnings..I like that price action before earnings
      3Q earnings are usually good over last few years
      50 DMA is around 88, so attempt to go after that resistance level short term is very likely
      HUGE open interest in NOV 80 strike - over 5000 and also INSANE 87.5 and 90 volume today….INSANE

      These are the indicators that SINA will most likely move up to 10% from here to 88-90 level short term…

      I got in today, based on those reasons i listed and I foresee SINA at 90 short term (or at least to test that 50DMA around 88-90…

      GL all
      Not going to play PCLN this earnings - options are so expensive that I don't want to touch it.

    • I just bought 3 NOV 80$ (19th) calls SINA for 740$ each

      I will explain all reasons later…

      Recent price drop…
      50 dMA
      past earnings
      huge open interest on 80 strike price nov 19th

      Talk about it later

    • euro, i'd def be interested in wherever you come down on sina. i'm thinking along the same lines, but i'm def interested in comparing notes. there's no rush, though.

    • Let me do some research about PCLN 3Q…I know they usually go up on 3Q and they usually beat EPS by 7-10%. I got to research price movement recently - (seems stuck in a range 470-530) and then also look at 20, 50, 100, 200 day moving average and BBands.

      I am looking at SINA as well - earnings is on 8 NOV…

      SINA failed to go through 50 day moving average twice recently - which is located around 88 - SINA now at around 80…There may be 10-14% move up from here if earnings are good. SINA tend to beat 3Q EPS numbers by 10-15% so if they can keep this up, stock should move up….However, SINA technical chart is broken at this time so I don't know what to do with SINA..

      PCLN and SINA is what I am looking to trade next week…I will more research and let you know if you are interested…

      now, BIDU upside small resistance is here at 140 as you can see price action today…Thats why i sold 1 earlier to have cash on side in case of pullback again, and I am letting other 2 calls run higher.

      GL - I ll do research on PCLN and SINA and time to get in if I decide to trade…Any input is welcome on these two stocks, but I plan to do detailed research before making a move.


    • The time to load up was the 105 massive dip a few weeks ago

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      • Trust, me
        I traded that dip from 122 to 147….Made over 200%...

        I wrote on here, (when BIDU was at 147) to wait for a pullback to 136 level (or 200 day moving average at 133) and then when this occurred yesterday, I got 3 dec 130 calls for 1300$ each

        Today i sold 1 of those calls for 1700$ (30% gain in a day with this call)…and letting other 2 run toward 150 …

        I am a trader so i catch those ups and downs…I posted on here the whole pullback process, my entry point and how i decided to get in and out…

        GL to you, bidu wants to retest 150 level short term..

    • Folks,

      I got in this morning and 133 level held great (strong support here at 200 DMA), just like mid june and mid august when BIDU bounced off the 200 day and then gained 10-15% within 2-3 weeks later.

      Greece will iron out things with EU tomorrow in greece and then watch the market rebound.

      Then friday, unemployment is expected to be at 9.2 (up from 9.1) but seasonal hiring may surprise everyone and unemployment may come up at 8.9 -9.0 and then watch market move up again…

      So BIDU 133 is strong support and if you didn't buy today, you may have another chance tomorrow, but I foresee this stock move toward 150 in a hurry.

      GOod Luck all

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