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  • hmmm26 hmmm26 Nov 6, 2011 5:24 PM Flag

    Greek confidence vote - WON - Go market monday

    I'm keeping my optimism for Monday guarded.

    I think the market read the scheduling of the Greek no confidence vote so late on Friday night as indicative of a strong intention by Greece to produce some kind of happy outcome for Monday.

    Otherwise, doesn't it seem like the markets should've sold off on Friday way more than they did, in the face of a potential collapse of the Greek government?

    So the good news is that we didn't get our faces caved in as bad as we might have, but I wonder if a consequence of the smaller than expected selloff on Friday might be a smaller than expected recovery on Monday.

    Although I hope I'm wrong.

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    • I think as long there is progress to the final resolution, market will be happy and tend to move higher.

      But we will see i guess. I m excited about sina. I m holding 5 nov 80 calls (750$ each) so hope to gain 75% on that trade if sina goes to 90 which is indicated by call option volume.

      Still holding dec 130 bidu calls since 1300$ each. Not cashing in those until bidu hits 150 short term but sooner d better.

      Chinese meeting ended with bidu, sina reps with no major changes in regulations at this time so thats good. Monitizing sina new social website will be a key as well dor sina movement to 90-100 post earnings.

      Lets see how this week plays out.

      Good luck

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