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  • hmmm26 hmmm26 Nov 18, 2011 3:05 PM Flag

    Why Buying Right Now's a Great Idea

    Unfortunately for me, I already added shares earlier today at $129.51, and I have rules that prevent me from adding more right now, but hopefully you were smarter than me and waited till now to buy. If you did, you can add one psychological reason to all the fundamental reasons why buying Bidu right now's a great idea: The Weekend Approacheth.

    Y, I know, I know, so what, right? But see, here's the thing: markets have very, very short memories. Today, Friday, every analyst and his mother is fretting about the Declining Margins Problem and they're scaring the Hell out of buyers and each other. But you know what? After a weekend spent getting drunk and playing fantasy football, these same analysts who are fear mongering today will return to their desks Monday with an attitude of "Margins, shmargins, gee, Bidu looks cheap!"

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