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  • geoffrey28 Jan 19, 2012 2:18 PM Flag

    We're swimming with sharks

    I have been looking at losing 24k in the last 2 days, and now that the pigs have gotten their

    fill at the short sale trough they're consuming shares the poor fools sold on the dip. (not mine)

    It's deeply disturbing to see. Upon earnings we're in for another spate of upside buying.

    AND I don't say IMHO. It's a fact. The game is rigged and God Bless the little guy.

    We're swimming with sharks so hold onto your hats.

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    • THIS GAME HAS BEEN PLACED IN THE ocean from the begining...Glad you have finally figured it out!!

      By the way,the only fact with Baidu is that it is overvalued by about 40 points and that is being generous..I have heard all the arguments and have yet to see the company swell into this "GIGANTIC" so called market with "GIGANTIC" earnings.This company has been trading as long as Google all the while earning a tiny fraction in comparison!

      The schooling will be here in 3-6 months after these ramp jobs are finished!!!

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