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  • finland6507 Jan 29, 2012 12:12 PM Flag

    I just want "MY" little piece of security

    RL rarely posts here as he knows me well on the CLF board.I "got the shaft" in plain English when RIG and DO went down 3 yrs agoI was a big support of them. The bitter label can be applied to me. What did I ever get, but I did make SOME money. I was in CLf for over a yr. CLF with earnings being downgraded, but still perhaps $12 can't go up even though all of the stories about being one of the stocks with the highest upside. The forward p.e. is around 6. What more can any of you metric geeks want? MSFT never split looking at the MAX back to 1986, and in Dec. of '99, they were $58. AAPL split 2 for 1 in 1987, 2000, 2005. And I can't immagine ANYONE holding ANY stock for 20 yrs. It is against "human nature"! Esp. since 90% of you posters are looking for a fast buck. O.K. I can except Bill Gates holding MSFT. AND I DID hear ,Donald Trump clearly on t.v. state "China will run the U.S. into the ground in 10 yrs". I am not a Trump fan, but he knows more than any of us. None of these guys with over $100 mil. $ will help the little guy. I saw those tips, pay your nanny tax. I can't speak for you but, I never had that much money to afford one. And I never had a Cayman Island acct.

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