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  • optiontr8er optiontr8er Apr 26, 2012 3:20 PM Flag

    oldest trick in trading

    Sounds like a lot of confirmation bias going on here. Dis anyone who doesn't like the shares and applaud anyone who is a cheerleader. Doesn't anyone read the earnings and listen to the conference call? Why their numbers were below expectations it is encouaging to see their $$ per click, unlike Google's was higher. I'm short MAY-4-125 puts and MAY-19-120 puts hoping the short term bottom is in. I'm hoping to scalp a few bucks. I'll take some shares at $120, $125, maybe. Good Luck.

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    • Good luck to you too, I did hear the conference call and there was no reason for the sell-off, manipulation which is happening more and more each day just like with aapl,goog and many others, you know it to be the truth bidu is cheap at $150 considering target price of $180 which will pass on any positive pr. This is china's google and taking in consideration that google is being chased out will take that into consideration for higher market share. Now if google was to stay in China then I will change my views but as long as it stays this way I will stay long with bidu. Good luck with your investments.

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      • Hey folks, lets do this everytime one of these useless cun&s post idiotic comments just to bash bidu let's ignore them they may get tired of getting no hits and maybe move on to GS board or MS, who gives a sh&t if they bash GS or MS its not like they don't deserve it.
        Thanks to all and happy weekend, even to the bashers.
        Happy trading next week.

    • Then, hope you loaded up the other night A/H at 121+-

213.32-4.65(-2.13%)3:49 PMEST