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  • huge9988 huge9988 Sep 25, 2012 8:27 PM Flag

    No deal between AAPL and BIDU

    AAPL already made its own map in China, no need

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    • Are you simple or what? It's not about maps you fool, it's the search and there BAIDU is the LEADER! On mobile search they are behind google and this is why they will team up with AAPL. It's a no-brainer win-win situation for both BAIDU and AAPL. BAIDU will get more reach into mobile searches and AAPL will have the most loved and wellknown search engine powering their mobile searches.. AND it's not controlled by google and is a clear difference over Androids.

      Just so bloody simple, mutually beneficial and obvious business case that it makes me wonder how retarded the shorts are. Good luck covering above $130 when this comes out and that time will be soon... iPhone 5 launch, IOS 6 and... BAIDU!

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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      • No you are the simpleton. Tell all of the not so savvy here just what the Apple Partnership if it exists is going to do to add value? Do you know what "search" actually means? Then tell the folks how that is monetized. You want a lesson in monetization in China? Look at SINA. What happened when Tim Cook went to China this past year? How about Facebook? You think Google isn't used by the Chinese? You are going to see BIDU trade in a range until earnings. Then if the quarter isn't STELLAR, Bidu will drop.

      • YNDX made a deal with AAPL, but YNDX stock price going to no where.

        And AAPL doesn't want to partner with any competitors, and since Baidu is making baidu YI stupid phone, baidu is the competitor for AAPL, so no deal between AAPL and BIDU, it's so no brainer. But BIDU bagholders just dreaming. even such a not so good news is actually faked rumor made by Motley fool.

        Poor BIDU bagholders. Fund managers starting to sell Losers, BIDU is the big loser!

    • Baidu is a competitor for Apple, because baidu is making Baidu Yi Phone, even baidu Yi won't be competitive in any market, Apple doesn't want to be partner.

      Baidu is just such a stupid company: try to make its own products in lots of area but Baidu's new product is not competitive, just enough to lose more friends and burning more money.

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      • Baidu Yi is on the Android operating system and is for the new low cost smart phone for the masses. Apple is on the high end so they are not competing directly in this respect. Apple and Baidu will team up but to what extent we can only guess at this time. No official announcements and a week long Holiday is about to begin so probably not until after. Also, the partnership with Baidu may be different and more extensive than Yandex. Much greater growth and potential in the Chinese market that Apple really wants to penetrate , so you cannot compare share price reaction yet. The deal when it happens could be quite different than the one with Yandex.

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