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  • huge9988 huge9988 Sep 26, 2012 1:00 PM Flag

    Why baidu always despeartely need helps from other companies?

    Last year, BIDU bagholders were talking about Facebook, were desperately hoping Facebook could offer a deal to baidu so that BIDU stock price could go up.

    Now Facebook is dying, BIDU bagholders such as Motley FOOLS, desperately asking helps from Apple, hoping Apple can offer a deal to baidu, and make Baidu rich. What a wet dream again.

    One thing for sure, Baidu cannot make a good new product by itself. Baidu could make some money in desktop search in China, that's accidentally lucky thing ahppened to Baidu. Not any more!

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    • mobile search is an expensive business to get into, and well-heeled competition is well-entrenched, so relatively cash-poor BIDU may indeed need a partner in that space, which everyone agrees, bull or bear, is the future

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      • From Wall Street Journal, Sept 18:
        "Yandex N.V. (NASDAQ:YNDX) will supply local information and power location-based searches for Apple’s (NASDAQ:AAPL) new iOS mapping platform in Russia, according to the Wall Street Journal. The top Russian search company will also provide a link to its own mapping application when users require more details about a subject. In its endeavors to sever all connections with Google Maps (NASDAQ:GOOG), Apple has chosen TomTom and perhaps AutoNavi Holdings (NASDAQ:AMAP) to supply iOS mapping data."

        Apple is only partnering with YNDX in location and map business! Then BIDU bagholders immediately jumped into a assumed deal between Apple and Baidu in wide scale general mobile search partnership. As a matter of fact, apple did its own map for iPhone in China, and no plan for general search and mobile ads business partner.

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