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  • jk55305 jk55305 Nov 30, 2012 3:18 PM Flag

    triangle pattern forming

    I notice that a famous triangle, better known as the Isoceles triangle, has formed over the past 2 days. This is when a stock goes up one day and then down the next. Usually an indication that the exhuberance was unfortunately based on NOTHING or little else. Someone show me how the bond matches up to more money for Baidu's investors? What's the business plan? Buy mobile which has yet to be monetized through advertizing? Who are they going to buy SINA, TENECENT, QIHOO? No, no, and no. When was the last time Google bought FB or Amazon bought Yahoo or Microsoft bought T-mobile? The answer is never. They will buy some no-name company and go from there. It will be years before Baidu gets its stuff straightened out and starts living up to its hype. It was a good run for those who got in early (not I).

    These Chinese ADRs are clearly unreliable. Look how when BIDU had great quarters to report the stock would go up for a bit and then take a big leg down. I am beginning to think they have peaked. Like other big companies, some are innovative and keep on trucking and others are just along for the ride.

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    • Give me a break. Its all about the numbers. Baidu's revenue hugely beats out Qihoo. I think Baidu just wants to take advantage of the low interest rates because they can. They can also wait, and wait until Qihoo has no money left, then Baidu can make their move.

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      • That would be wonderful for Baidu to have another run up. However, what is the news going to be that sends it up. I don't like Jim Cramer but I understand why he doesn't recommend any of them. They have a very tough upside and a very easy downside. I lost a ton of money on Baidu because I thought their business and bottom line would prevail over all the news that seems to drive people to sell and other pessimism. An equivalently successful American company would be a high flyer but not this dog!

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