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  • bruisersampson Mar 16, 2013 1:00 PM Flag

    Stock Valuation

    I have done hours of research and I can't find ANY other stock with as much Growth Potential trading at such cheap prices as BIDU. I know it is a Chinese Stock and they have been beaten down recently but honestly if this was an American stock and every aspect of the Company was identical to BIDU I have to believe it would be soaring or at least moving up positively. I know that anything can happen good or bad up or down but I see NO reason this stock should not be trading at $ 95 - $100 or higher except for where the Company is located. Any thoughts would be appreciated. I am NOT looking for an argument just other peoples opinions to see if I am missing something in my personal valuation ( NOT TV REPORTERS OR COMPUTER ANALYSTS ) of BIDU.

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    • Qihu is taking market share away from Baidu and that is one of the reasons the share price is doing nothing but deteriorate. Qihu has gone from 10% of the search market share in December to 12.36% in February according to CNZZ and Marbridge consulting. It is likely around 13% now according to another analyst. As they say in investing "the trend is your friend" and Baidu has gone nowhere but down since late 2010. Just my opiniion, for whathever it's worth!

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      • bruisersampson Mar 18, 2013 10:28 AM Flag

        this is true but I will still take the company with the current highest market share by far and we all know which company that is. I always buy best of breed stocks and in my opinion that is BIDU. Maybe less upside near term but more upside long term ans safer in my opinion. That is what makes stock trading so great. We can each buy what we want and hopefully in the end we will both win !

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    • BIDU has to prove that is more than a one-trick pony (ie desktop search). Also unnerving potential investors is all the cash they borrowed, just sitting there, which they can potentially misuse, and the longer they wait to deploy it the more likely they will misuse it. Lastly, China is at cyber-war with the US, is a communist country, known for shady accounting practices, virtually bankrupt municipalities that over-borrowed when times were good, proud (if tired) sponsor of North Korea and slowing down fast ...No wonder the darned thing trades at a PEG of 0.5! Short is the way to go, until the technicals indicate otherwise.

    • it all comes down to "can you trust a business in China with your investment". The stock has plummeted for over a year now and is consistantly setting new lows. this all despite the so called "growth potential.".... most seem to think Bidu is on the cutting edge of growth yet the stock has been sellling off for more than a year. what don't we know that others appear to know, that are sellling.? JMHO.

    • This stock is being manipulated to be down, and all small pops are just shorts covering
      It might fall even further until all outstanding shares are shorted :)

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