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  • jmc.2013 jmc.2013 Mar 23, 2013 7:06 PM Flag

    Can we ALL just Stop bashing each other it is funny in some ways but come on

    Lets just ALL hit the erase button and start over fresh like adults. I came here for some advice on BIDU and 99 % of what I have seen reminds me of a comedy show gone bad. I really don't think anyone hates anyone else it is just a message board for crying out loud. Some people like BIDU and they have there reasons. Other people think BIDU is going lower or stuck in this range and they have their reasons. There are 2 individuals who will remain nameless from me that really go at each other on here. I just had a response from both of them and guess what they both seem like decent guys. They just can't agree on BIDU and that is fine. I personally think ( and they are going to really message me now ) that if they met each other in person at a bar they would hit it off and become good friends. My take = They are both successful traders and both have done well and both think they can out due each other. I would like to see a compromise but that is unlikely. Good Luck to ALL and I hope these 2 can resolve their differences or just quit posting to each others comments

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