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  • fred2011_2012 fred2011_2012 May 7, 2013 7:24 PM Flag

    Bruno, r u the same person as Bruiser?

    Bwuno...for a while now u have been talking to yourself and keeping the board full of your 3 points (10-1 split, monetization and mommy the board is making fun of me) now it appears u have a sidekick even though he is optimistic on Baidu. He's been around for a few weeks now, every since the board was overrun by a group of idiots. Bruiser u sound authentic at times, but u have little to say except idolizing your bud Bwuno (which he luvs) and recently either suggesting other stocks (pumping) or advising us on your purchases. The board does not care how much money you have invested either in Baidu or Renn. We r looking for insight on Bidu...something that Bwunos and his group of fans have very little insight on.

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    • With all due respect DAVDDD read my post again and understand what quotes are for...That was Bruisers point..Lets not waste each others time instead your comments about Baidu are welcome

    • Bruisersimpson: I thank you for addressing my comments: I have written further points for your rebuttal.

      1)your statement " As far as idolizing anyone on here that is a false statement by You. I ONLY Idolize GOD ! ", in under 3 hours after I wrote this,..your comment to ur bud Bwuno... "I find it funny that at first we were like oil & water and now we are supposedly joined at the hip and I follow You and Your every move"
      2)I like to post my trades so members can see that I am actually in the stock.
      No1 cares how much stock u own as no1 knows who u are nor the legitimacy of your writing. Your claims of wealth like ur buddy's are not proven. Any1 can claim to others anonymously that they have stock worth several 100thousand dollars or stock worth only hundreds. Only people that look up to the wealth numbers are those either talking about or dreaming about the wealth they don't have Actual wealth numbers are never talked about by the wealthy.
      3) My thoughts about Baidu: After Baidu's 1st quarter results the stock did not hit a new 52 week low. To me that is a positive. The recent acquisition of PPS was in the works for awhile (circa April 24th)before their disasterous earnings report..Closing out the week above 87.5 will be positive. otherwise ???
      Finally, Bwuno adds humour with his buddies. In my opinion writing messages and responding to his own or responding by calling others gay makes his homophobic life at San Quentin a little more enjoyable..

    • bruisersampson May 7, 2013 9:15 PM Flag

      No I am not Bruno , and as far as bringing BIDU information to the board what does the message that I am responding to You have to do with BIDU ? Yea NOTHING ! ..........I like to post my trades so members can see that I am actually in the stock. As far as idolizing anyone on here that is a false statement by You. I ONLY Idolize GOD ! .......Now back to BIDU....What do You have to offer us ? How many shares do You own ? What is Your average buy in price ? If You cant answer these questions or offer your own logic on BIDU then #$%$.k. OFF ! ......I still own 500 shares of BIDU bought at $ 87.50 just so You know AND I hope it #$%$. You Off !.... and I am Long BIDU and Bruno is skeptical at Best on BIDU. I will post EVERY trade that I make on here now just to irritate You j.a.c.k.a.s.s.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • This board is for those interested in BIDU. Not pedophiles.

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