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  • bruisersampson May 10, 2013 10:01 AM Flag

    Just knowledge fpr the board...sqliking a known pedophile from other boards so STAY AWAY

    They / He use 5 id's but compare the messages and You will see. Judge for yourself. I think he is related to the 3 IDIOTS from Ohio who held children captive for years. He was Lucky and got away before they linked him to the crime. He now lives in Texas. Poor Texas , a GREAT State just got more trash to cleanup. Beware he will " befriend " You on here and then turn on You like a rabid raccoon

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    • Now you're just making stuff up cuz your true colors have been outed. You nearly killed your uncle making him invest his life savings in a very violatile market while he only has 3 years left to live. You sir are a complete joke of a human being and are making yourself look like a complete fool brah...My suggestion? Take a good hard look in the mirror brah and beg for forgiveness for nearly giving your poor uncle a heart attack.

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      • bruisersampson May 12, 2013 12:05 PM Flag

        If I were You ( which Thank GOD I am NOT ) I would enjoy the remaining days You have left while you are still in good health and can move. You are going to get fckd up like you cant imagine. You were warned about leaving my Uncle out of your trashy messages but You refused to listen. So soon you will be in a worse medical condition than he is in. Speaking of my bad knees yours will be cracked so bad they wont be able to be fixed and you will need artificial knees , your teeth will be knocked out , you will have 2 swollen eyes , and who knows what else. My boys can get really nasty just depends on what I request , They wont kill You they will just make you wish you were dead as you will be in unbelievable pain for weeks / months. This has happened 3 times before and it is not good to be on the receiving end of what is coming your way. AGAIN YOU WERE WARNED TO LEAVE MY UNCLE OUT OF ANY FUTURE MESSAGES BUT YOU REFUSED TO LISTEN BECAUSE YOU ARE A BAD & TOUGH MAN ! I guess we will find out just how BAD & TOUGH of a man you are. HAVE A GREAT DAY !!!

      • Is this absolutely necessary?

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