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  • newmarket.wizard newmarket.wizard Jun 15, 2013 8:44 PM Flag

    Why Only two or Three Posters Left Here

    I get a chuckle out of the ongoing back and forth battles that take place here on a daily basis.......My old Pal Bruno Mali is up to his deceptive bait planting so he can reel in the big fishes....Anyone who knows the History of Bruno understands he plays with these idiots until they either jump off a ledge 10 stories up or fade into obscurity......I'm surprised Bruno even comes here anymore since Bidu has had its run and is over as a long term play...Their just isn't enough idiots here to make a day of bashing worthwhile.....I do know he has a couple of other ID's he is using in the TSLA, Apple, PCLN, ISRG and maybe AMZN and NFLX.....Why do you think Bob Satish and myself left?....From January 2007 until May 2010 when the hilarious split took place a half dozen of us who actually know each other road the Bidu Bullet Train from the $100's to the $700's...... It was interesting to see BIDU make another run to the $150's...You knew it was going to crash sooner or later...All one has to do is look at Google, who have made no attempt to split their shares, but has solid revenue streams to understand BIDU has issues.....Everywhere you look the dominating force in Search is Google....Sorry but Bidu is stuck in China...They aren't going to do anything as far as spreading out around the World....They failed miserably in Japan....Why is that you should be asking yourself......Intelligent Traders understand that Bidu will never see lofty valuations again.....I know a few diehards that missed the Bullet Train will whine and cry and bicker and bash...The reality is smart money knows.....Bidu's days of lofty increases and astronomical levels of value unfortunately are no more..........

    The Wizzzzzz

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