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  • microtrader2 microtrader2 Apr 24, 2014 12:43 PM Flag

    YOU are in for a BAD surprise with BIDU after close

    China is slowing down, on the surface it doesn't look that bad but there are millions of investors that are under water in the property market which continues to fall including Chinese currency down 15% plus - in this negative environment there is less ad spending which is BIDU's main cash cow. Don't be shocked to see a big miss after close and the stock tanking.

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    • microDick; thanks again for your repeated doomsday scenario. Why do u think we are trading down about 20% from the year high. Imagine the Ukraine crisis...etc.... Good luck with your short. Hope you cover before the earnings. If your scenario is right in my opinion we can trend around 140-150 until the Chinese economy perks up..Hey have you seen Yum's earnings. Those poor Chinese with their economy faltering are still buying Cat tractors and KFC.
      Good luck longs and holders of Baidu stock from the early 100's., with a decent earnings report, hopefully we'll see adouble to 190-200 befire year end.

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      • Fred, No one knows when it comes to earning . Look at GOOG AAPL FB, etc...the good companies will go up over time... AMZN PCLN too..

        There are so many weird posters on chinese stocks MBs. Why? where do they come from. do these people even invest in these stocks? are they in schools? because clearly they are not serious posters.. what I think is the short firms hired these people to pay minimum wage to trash stocks...they are discrimative and love to push them down...Management of these companies are not in this country so they can not Twit president Obama to complain or to get the FBI SEC to deffend...

        Look at GOOG AAPL PCLN boards we do not see this...

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